Zeng Nan was smelled of alcohol by the police, but he called his colleagues and refused the alcohol test.

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[Reporter Xu Lijuan/Kaohsiung Report] A 55-year-old Kaohsiung man surnamed Zeng the day before yesterday (15th) was riding a bicycle and smoking and disturbing other passers-by. When the police stepped forward to persuade him, he smelled a strong smell of alcohol. He did not drink alcohol and ate ginger duck, but he refused the alcohol test. He would rather be issued a 180,000 yuan drunk driving refusal ticket, have his car impounded on the spot, his license plate will be confiscated, and his driver's license will be revoked and he will not be allowed to take the test for 3 years.

The Sanmin Institute of the Sanminyi Sub-bureau pointed out that Zeng Nan was riding a bicycle at the intersection of Jianguo 3rd Road and Zili Intersection at around 10:00 a.m. when he was waiting for a red light. Discovering the smell of alcohol on Zeng Nan's body, Zeng Nan even said that he had just bought betel nuts and was going to work on the construction site. At first, he generously said that he was not afraid of being tested if he hadn't drunk alcohol. Dodge refused to cooperate with further alcohol testing, and insisted that he did not drink alcohol, but he ate ginger duck last night.

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Zeng Nan was arrested for drunk driving. He kept dodging the drink test, and finally chose to refuse the drink test. The police pointed out that the penalty for "drink driving, refusal of drink test recidivism" was increased. In addition to the 180,000 yuan drink driving refusal list, the driver's license was revoked You will not be allowed to take the test within 3 years, and you will also have your car and license plate impounded, and you will be fined 180,000 yuan for the first refusal, 360,000 yuan for the second time, and 540,000 yuan for the third time. There is no upper limit on the amount; Repeat offenders who drive under the influence of alcohol or refuse a drink test for more than 2 times will have their names, photos and illegal facts published.

☆Drinking too much alcohol is harmful to health, and drinking and driving is prohibited☆