Abnormal warming has come to Ukraine - the air temperature in some regions will rise up to +17+20 degrees.

This was reported by the national forecaster Stanislav Shchedrin.

"It is no longer spring, but almost summer in the middle of winter. The peak of the current warming is expected in the period of January 17-21, when the air temperature throughout the country will rise to +10+12 degrees. In the center and south it will warm up to +13+15, on In Odesa and in the Crimea, even up to +17+20 degrees. Only in the west, thermometers will not rise above +5+7 degrees," the forecaster noted.

Shchedrin also added that the warm weather in Ukraine will last until January 24, and then the temperature will begin to gradually decrease again.

Weather forecast in Ukraine for January 2023

It will be recalled that forecasters previously reported that January will be generally warm, but periods of cooling are also expected.

However, they will be short-lived.

As Stanislav Shchedrin predicted earlier, the next frosts will come to Ukraine at the end of January and the beginning of February.

As for stable snow cover, according to his data, there will be no snow cover in Ukraine this winter.

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