Arrested "Darall Young", an important accused in the case of Forex-3D sharing after the Immigration police caught him at Phuket airport while flying to Singapore.

before coordinating with the DSI to detain and prosecute

in Bangkok before being taken into custody

As for the case of a Thai-Italian actress's girlfriend, Sara Casingini, the DSI's deputy director, revealed that if the results were expanded, they were found to have contributed to the crime and would be prosecuted.

In the case of Mr Darul Young, 32 years old, a Singaporean accused of public fraud

One of the main characters in the case of sharing Forex 3D, who fled the country since October 25, 2022 before returning to Thailand again on December 19, 2022, the police recently Arrested at Phuket airport

While traveling to Singapore, at 10:30 a.m. on January 16, Pol. Col. Natthakit Meesuk, Superintendent of the Phuket Immigration Checkpoint led the Immigration Investigation Department. Phuket Air Force and Immigration Bureau

Arrest Mr. Darul Young, a Singaporean, accused according to the arrest warrant of the Criminal Court No. 2412/2565, dated 8 November 2022, while checking in with Scoot Airline at Phuket International Airport, flight TR659 Phuket-Singapore after the APPS system. of the Immigration Office has notified persons with arrest warrants

Arrested at the departure hall

Phuket Airport

Examine the flaws that match the appearance according to the arrest warrant.

Initially admitted that he had never been arrested under the said warrant.

Later at 11:30 a.m. at the Department of Special Investigation

(Government Center, Building A, 2nd floor) Pol. Maj. Col. Yutthana Praedum, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Special Investigation.

Revealing the case of the police

Phuket Immigration has arrested Mr. Darul Young, a Singaporean, a key suspect in the 3D forex sharing case, that he received a report from Pol. system

that he had been arrested

Knowing that Mr. Daral Young will be detained for questioning at the Department of Special Investigation this evening.

There will be an interrogation.

Finger print and inform the charge if the accused asks to submit bail.

We will consider if there is an escape situation or not.

And if found so, the bail must be objected.

Then he will be taken to ask for a detention at the court.

As for the case of Sara Casingini's girlfriend, an actress of Thai-Italian descent.

If further investigation finds that assistance in the offence will continue.

Meanwhile, it was reported that DSI officials had previously contacted the manager of Sara Casingini, the accused's wife and lawyer.

in order to coordinate Mr. Daral to surrender

Sara's lawyer and manager said that

want the accused to fight the case

But since January 13 was the date to acknowledge the allegations that the accused did not meet as scheduled

Referred to as a bail issue. As for Sara, she is currently not guilty and has not been issued an arrest warrant.

For Mr. Daral Young, a young businessman who has lived in Thailand for almost 10 years before working with Mr. Apirak Kothi, CEO of Forex 3D, until he has a list of names involved in this case.

The scammers gathering page from Forex 3D stated that Mr. Daral Young had the duty to take money out of the country to Singapore and convert it into Bitcoin currency, until it became a famous case despite the news that Had a wedding with his girlfriend Sara Casingini soon, but was arrested first.

Later, at 7:00 p.m., Pol. Lt. Gen. Pakphoomphiphat Sajjaphan, Immigration Commissioner, along with Pol. Phuket Immigration

Detained Mr. Deral Young Huichai to deliver to the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) officials, with Pol.

with DSI staff waiting to welcome you at Don Mueang Airport

to wait for the interrogation before sending them to the Criminal Court the next day

While being held in custody, Mr. Daral

have a calm face

He walked with his head down and did not answer any questions from the press.

Lt. Col. Wissanu Chimtrakul, director of the Financial Informal Business Litigation Division, revealed that during the preliminary investigation, Mr Darul also refused to give information to investigators and wanted to meet with a lawyer.

From checking the information, Mr. Daral arrived in Thailand on December 19, 2022 for the next step.

Interrogation will begin on the morning of January 17, as the accused's trusted attorney and interpreter are waiting for translation.

Before there are many issues to ask.

And will be taken into custody at the Criminal Court on January 18, as for the issue that will be extended to Ms. Sara Kasingini, the accused's girlfriend or not, has not yet answered.

If assistance or shelter is found, the authorities must reconsider.