The police made a strong attack and arrested Chen Suspect.

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[Reporter Hong Chenhong/Kaohsiung Report] On the 12th, a passenger car refused to be stopped by the Kaohsiung City Linyuan Branch. The police found out that he was a wanted criminal with the surname Chen. He traveled more than 400 kilometers a day. , Out of modified guns, bullets and a lot of drugs.

Police officers from the Daliao Sub-station were on patrol on January 12, passing Fenglin 2nd Road, Daliao District, and found a white passenger car with a license plate that did not match the vehicle body. The bus found the police car approaching and then sped up and fled. After comparing and tracing through the monitor, it was found that the driver was a 32-year-old suspect surnamed Chen who was wanted for theft and forgery.

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The Linyuan Sub-bureau formed a special case team to carry out the investigation. Chen Suspect was cunning and suspicious by nature. He chose to escape in order to avoid judicial prosecution. He carried dangerous weapons around him at all times, so that the police did not dare to be careless. Starting from the living habits of this wanted criminal, he discovered that the suspect was wanted. With no fixed place to live, he used his car as his home and fled around Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung.

The police traveled more than 400 kilometers a day. On the 14th, when Chen Suspect was resting in a motel, he was arrested and successfully brought to justice. A modified gun and bullets were seized on the spot, as well as a pack of amphetamines (0.58 grams). , 1 pack of cathinone (77.5 grams), 2.7 grams of a pill, 48 vials of cathinone solution, 1 set of inhalers, etc., were transferred to the police for investigation in accordance with the Regulations on the Control of Guns, Ammunition, and Knives and the Regulations on the Prevention and Control of Narcotic Hazards .

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Police recovered evidence such as bullets and drugs.

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Chen suspected that his car was his home, and the police traveled 400 kilometers a day to arrest him.

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