The Qianping marijuana garden was hidden next to the Longtan military camp in Taoyuan.

(Photographed by reporter Yao Yuehong)

[Reporter Yao Yuehong/Taipei Report] In September last year, the Criminal Police Bureau uncovered the largest marijuana farm in history headed by the 67-year-old Songlian Gang veteran "Lichi" Wu Laiju in Longtan, Taoyuan. Men surnamed Yu and Zhu with the title of "Professor of Marijuana", and a man surnamed Li who assisted in the purchase of planting tools, were all transferred to the Taoyuan District Prosecutor's Office for investigation after the police interrogated them for the felony crime of assisting drug production.

According to the investigation by the police, Wu Nan rented 1,000 square meters of farmland next to the 601st Brigade of the Army Aviation to build a marijuana farm the year before last. It is the marijuana garden. Wu Nan’s 37-year-old younger brother surnamed Ke and 6 escaped Indonesian female migrant workers were employed on the spot to do daily watering. Ke, Wu and their neighbors all regarded themselves as farmers.

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During the police operation last year, they seized 4,218 live marijuana plants worth more than 1.2 billion yuan in the black market, 4 cans of marijuana tincture, 15.7 kilograms of finished and semi-finished marijuana and other evidence. Eight suspects were arrested on the spot and all of them were detained. However, the police determined that these people were not related. Agricultural planting background, suspected that there are other experts who pointed out, and continued to trace the source and investigate.

Investigation by the Third Division of the Criminal Bureau. Wu Laiju, the leader of the Songlian Gang and a member of the Central Standing Committee, recruited 61-year-old Zhu Nan and 71-year-old Yu Nan with professional chemical and plant knowledge backgrounds. Wu also respectfully called Yu Nan a "professor". They assist in teaching the soil types, fertilizer ratios, light intensity and other conditions required for planting.

Zhu Nan even introduced the professional planting technology of cannabis fields in California, USA, and translated the English version of the cannabis planting notes to Wu Laiju, and then the man surnamed Li went to purchase the equipment and materials needed for planting cannabis, and Wu Sui and others planted them professionally. Quickly grow cannabis seedlings to over 4000 cannabis plants.

The police have been actively investigating the source for 4 months. On the 5th of this month, they simultaneously searched 6 hiding places in Taichung City, Taipei City, and New Taipei City. The Harm Prevention Act was sent to the Taoyuan District Prosecutor's Office for investigation, and Li was ordered to be detained and banned from seeing him. The Criminal Bureau announced the arrest of the three accomplices today.

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Police used aerial cameras to search for marijuana gardens.

(Photographed by reporter Yao Yuehong)

The police ambushed at the door of Zhu Nan's house and arrested him when he opened the door.

(Photographed by reporter Yao Yuehong)

The police escorted 71-year-old Yu Nan.

(Photographed by reporter Yao Yuehong)