Nepal's Yeti Airlines ATR-72 plane crashed yesterday, killing at least 68 people.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Yesterday (15th), a Yeti Airlines flight carrying 72 people unfortunately crashed near Pokhara (Pokhara), killing at least 68 people. The worst air crash in 30 years, the detailed cause of the crash is yet to be investigated.

However, the co-pilot Anju Khatiwada died on the spot. Her husband was also the co-pilot of Yeti Airlines 16 years ago and died in a plane crash while on duty. Unexpectedly, the couple could not escape the same fate. Died in a plane crash.

According to "India Today" report, Nepal Yeti Airlines ATR-72 passenger plane 9N-ANC crashed on the way to Pokhara yesterday. There were 68 passengers and 4 crew members on board, and the senior captain Kama ( Kamal KC) and co-pilot Kathi Wada were flying, and the co-pilot was confirmed dead. Originally, she had flown missions for 100 hours and was about to be officially promoted to captain to fulfill her dream, but she died unexpectedly.

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Her late husband, Deepak Pokhrel, who was also the co-pilot of Yeti Airlines at the time, suddenly crashed on June 21, 2006 when he was flying 9N-AEQ flight, killing 10 people. Wada's husband also died at the scene in the accident.