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"It looks a little stupid" - so Tatiana Doncheva

Tatyana Doncheva graduated from the National Mathematical High School and graduated from explain why Stefan Yanev

By decree of President Rumen Radev dated May 12, 2021, Stefan Yanev was appointed official and "Bulgarian Rise

"Bulgarian Rise" defines itself as a national conservative political party, but "cannot get the third mandate.

Doncheva told bTV that Yanev's formation was created to take a mandate, but it never had formulated policies and goals.

There is no enthusiasm, and BSP

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (abbreviated BSP) does not want the mandate - in the previous cases it was not the case, added Doncheva, according to whom the scandal with Nexo made President Rumen Radev

Rumen Georgiev Radev is a Bulgarian military man, major general from the reserve.

Former commander of not to give the mandate to "Democratic Bulgaria

"Democratic Bulgaria" is a center-right political association composed of "(DB). The computer part of "Democratic Bulgaria

"Democratic Bulgaria" is a center-right political association, composed of ", for which Hristo Ivanov is responsible

He was born on September 13, 1974 in Sofia.

Hristo Ivanov has a master's degree in law from the University of Sofia and Ivaylo Mirchev, is affiliated with Nexo.

It is too unclear what happens - if the US has legal claims against this company, to file proceedings, lawsuits.

It is one thing to say that they violated something administratively, it is another to say that they are fraudsters and money launderers, said Doncheva.

She pointed out that the prosecutor's office said that an economic analysis of Nexo's activities will still be done.

"If I were the journalists, I wouldn't be pressured so emotionally and committed to comment on something that is still too unclear," added Doncheva.

For her, it is more interesting whether the US participated in the outbreak of the scandal, because the prosecutor's office "articulated more than once" about Nexo that it acts in partnership with the American, British and German services.

Zafirov revealed what the attitudes in the BSP are for a cabinet after they are handed the mandate

"If so, this is distancing from formations that were considered, at least in recent months, as Euro-Atlantic," concluded Doncheva.

Both the Americans and the Russians are interested in Bulgaria having a buffer zone, i.e. a no-man's land, in which everyone does what they want and whoever prevails, Doncheva believes.

This is a very unhappy fate because no one is going to support us to start sorting out the fate economically, she added.

Doncheva concluded that there is pressure and circles that are pushing things towards a presidential republic and the military.

You don't think they're looking for someone clever and insightful like de Gaulle, she said:

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