Russian dictator Vladimir Putin did not expect the war to drag on for long, so he is now considering

the option of long-term attrition.

 For this, all reserves and means are being mobilized in Russia.

Andriy Yusov, a representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, told about this on the air of the national telethon.

He emphasized that Russia's preparation for a long-term war means the enemy's understanding that his plan to quickly seize Ukraine is not feasible.

Yusov also added that in recent months it has been observed that Russia needs to switch to military tactics and

force its society to get used to the idea that "the war will drag on for a long time." 

"They are mobilizing all reserves and means. They have sky-high military budgets. Also,

we will soon see other measures of an economic nature on the territory of the Russian Federation. Of

course, this is what Putin is preparing for. In Ukraine, the task is quite the opposite - 2023 should be the year our victory, a fundamental change in the situation. Because neither Ukraine nor the entire civilized world needs this long war," Andriy Yusov said.

In the near future, Putin is preparing to start a big war

We will remind, the president of the Institute of Economic Analysis Andriy Illarionov assumes that in the near future the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin will start a new stage - a great war that has never happened before.

According to him, now 

there are many signs that preparations are underway for a completely different stage of the war, the scale of which reaches a completely different level.

What the West, in his opinion, does not suspect. 

Meanwhile, according to the analysts of the American Institute for the Study of War, Russia will try to seize the initiative in the war for the next six months.

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