Instead of subpoenas, there will most likely be a notification, lawyer Andrii Novak provided an explanation of how the local authorities will notify conscripts that they must appear at the military commissariat.

Local authorities must notify citizens of conscription age to come to the military commissariat.

According to the lawyer, most likely, the men will be informed that they have to come to the Military Commissariat through the mass media. 

Local self-government bodies can record the data of conscripts and exchange them with social recruitment centers. 

"Since the procedure for notifying conscripts is not determined by the decree, most likely, the notification will take place within the framework of information campaigns in the media.

Also, for young men, for example, trips to territorial recruitment centers (military commissars) can be organized by the school.

But there is no need to be afraid that the local authorities will organize a "convoy" to the Military Commissariat or arrange persecution," Novak says.

In addition, the Unified State Register of Military Conscripts should be operational in Ukraine, which will be able to be amended by both state bodies - civil status registration bodies, as well as the police and courts.

The registry will allow quick data exchange and changes.

Why were summonses sent to people with disabilities, parents of three or more children, or relatives of those who died in the war during the mobilization?

Because citizens did not come to the military commissariats to update their credentials, accordingly, the recruitment centers did not have all the information.

"With the creation of the registry, people will not have to go to the military commissariat every time their marital status, registration or health status, etc. changes," commented the lawyer.

Data on health, family composition, etc. will be entered in the register.

In order to update the data, the conscript does not necessarily have to contact the military commissariat, it will be possible to do it through "Diya".

However, if the data can be provided in this way, no subpoenas will be sent through the "Action" application.

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