Military expert Oleg Zhdanov shared his thoughts on which factors are important for Ukraine's victory in the war.

The expert told about this on his YouTube channel.

Zhdanov noted that one of the problems of Ukrainians is underestimating the enemy.

According to his words, Putin, like Stalin, does not count his own losses.

For a dictator, it doesn't matter how many Russians die in the war.

 "Putin will simply give the command to conditionally collect 10,000 more reserves. And if they all die, he doesn't care. He doesn't consider it a mistake, he considers it a merit," the expert noted.

Weapons and equipment

Zhdanov recalled the words of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhnyi that Ukrainian troops 

need 300 tanks, 600-700 BMPs, and 500 howitzers

to reach the front line on February 23.

The expert is sure that if the West had provided Ukraine with all the necessary weapons, our victory would have been much faster.

air defense

According to Zhdanov, a few units of Patriot air defense systems or other systems will not fundamentally solve the issue of closing the Russian sky.

In the near future, Ukrainians should be prepared for periodic missile attacks by Russia.


The expert believes that an invasion by Belarus will not take place in the near future.

"The Belarusian army has small reserves. They have nothing to fight. However, Lukashenko is creating a private military company. It can affect the front line. They can create a border conflict, it will be a big problem. Or they will be transferred to Donbas to strengthen the Russian grouping of troops," - he said.

The position of the West

Zhdanov is sure that the West will not allow Ukraine to lose this war.

"If the situation becomes critical, and we cannot "extract" the confrontation from the Russian Federation, then there will be NATO countries that will bring their troops here. This will be a coalition to fight the Russian Federation. After all, the future world order depends on the results of this war. In any case - in Europe. As a result of our war, a new security system will be created. And this new system will not involve the participation of the Russian Federation as a full member of the "higher league" states. Russia should become an average state at the level of third world countries," the expert believes.

In his opinion, the West will not tire of war.

After all, if Putin wins, the West will turn into a vassal of the Russian dictator.

How to win

"Winning the war is simple - we need to force our Western partners to rethink the situation as soon as possible. Now is a turning point in terms of the Western countries' awareness of today's realities regarding the transfer of weapons. All the same (necessary weapons. - Ed.) will be given to us, sooner or later. For tanks will be missiles or airplanes. But due to bureaucratic red tape, this is happening very slowly," Zhdanov concluded.

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