On Monday, January 16, after 2:00 p.m., the Russian occupiers began an intensive shelling of the city of Kherson.

Residential blocks and a children's hospital came under the fire of the occupiers.

The explosions are reported on local Telegram channels.

The sounds of explosions could be heard in the city for at least two hours.

Electricity supply has disappeared in some areas.

"Another flight to the children's hospital," eyewitnesses reported.

Earlier, the National Police of the Kherson region announced that the consequences of the enemy attack on Kherson: a hospital, an educational institution, the Red Cross building and a rehabilitation center for children with disabilities were damaged, publishing the corresponding photos.

"Russian troops once again attacked the Kherson region with multiple rocket launchers, artillery, mortars and tanks," the report says.

The State Emergency Service emphasized that rescuers who go to extinguish fires that arise after shelling in Kherson sometimes have to immediately hide in shelters due to the high intensity of shelling.

We will remind you that yesterday, January 15, the Russian army shelled the territory of the Kherson region 90 times with artillery, MLRS, mortars and tanks.

Three people died, 14 were injured. 

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