“I used to say 3 P. Forever…come today.

I still have the same feeling.


but when you have made a decisive decision

I was unable to express my feelings in words.

I can only say that

I congratulate you too.

I wish you success in the new political path you have chosen.

As for me, Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan would like to announce as the leader of the Palang Pracharat Party.

that he would take responsibility and would never abandon all party members

who worked in politics together

and ready to lead anyone who has faith in my determination

enter the election according to the democratic way

to come back as a leading party to form a government to manage the country again.”

It is deliberate, conveyed from the bottom of my heart.

of "big brother" Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan towards "little brother" Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha

Chasing after a few days

with an event riding an elephant to catch a grasshopper, launching "Big Tu" into a new scaffolding

United Thais create a nation

reiterated once again that

The power game has no brothers and sisters.

From today on, there are only 66 days left to complete this government term.

It is an opportunity for political parties

Especially the Thais create a nation.

will chase and forcibly drive the troops into the stall

Just using a fishing rod might not be timely.

May have to use a net to sow fish in a friend's pond or brother's pond.

You have to use a 1 kilohp divo to increase the suction power.

Because as far as the resources available on hand.

Still can't guarantee the minimum number of 25 MPs that that political party can nominate a prime ministerial candidate for the House of Representatives to vote for.

While many parties, whether Pheu Thai, Bhumjaithai, Kao Klai, Democrats, who declared themselves ready to lead the government

or a coalition government

Everyone has overlooked the minimum number of 25 MPs.

Situation of power 3 p.

Not high-power like the old one

Brothers and sisters party, bonsai friendly

The minimum line size still overlaps this much.

Let's doubt the confidence of "Big Tu" that he will come back to the government again.

Where did it come from?

from the latest check in the Senate's row

It has been confirmed that in the number of 250 senators, if the time is really decisive

is ready to turn left-turn right, follow "Uncle Tu" no less than 200 +

from previously assessed that

"Big Brother - Little Brother"

should be divided in half.

Therefore, there is a new line of checks.

Until it was confirmed that

The formula for the numbers of "Big Tu" is 200 +

To have a stream of news come out that

If he came back to lead the government again

An amendment to the constitution will be proposed to unlock the Prime Minister's 8-year term.

plus a trailer by unlocking the space restrictions of the Senator dragging the set up

to come back to receive new recruitment

or go to various positions

the current constitution

can be prohibited by law

How do you feel good people?

How many years can you imagine?

I want every voter to take it into account as a homework.

solar fire