Before Liu Nan got into the police car, he said several times weakly, "I'm sorry, I did something wrong." (Photographed by reporter Xu Guozhen)

[Reporter Xu Guozhen/Taichung Report] A man surnamed Liu in Taichung City drove through a red light at high speed last night and collided with two locomotives, causing 2 deaths and 1 injury. He abandoned the car and escaped. He was arrested 3 hours later. He has a history of drunk driving, and the interrogation came to an end this afternoon. Before he was transferred to the prosecution for re-examination on charges of negligent death, he was dragged by the police before getting into the police car. up."

According to the investigation, Liu Nan had 4 drunk driving records before, one of which was hit and run, and he was released from prison after serving his sentence for drunk driving in October last year, but obviously he did not learn his lesson. He ran a red light at high speed and crashed into two straight-going locomotives with green lights, resulting in 2 deaths and 1 serious injury. When he fled and hid for 3 hours when he was caught by the police, his left leg was fractured in a car accident.

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During the period, Liu Nan kept screaming for pain because of his foot injury. Although he ate normally, he was silent when he learned that the car accident had killed two people. The whole case was transferred to the Taichung District Prosecutor's Office for re-examination on suspicion of negligent death and hit-and-run.