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The Prime Minister of Great Britain, Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak - British economist and politician Rishi Sunak was born on 12 May 1980 in Southampton, can be drawn into the intense debate whether Prince Harry

Prince Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten-Windsor, Duke of Sussex (in English Henry Charles Albert David), should be invited to the coronation.

Senior royal officials believe that this decision should not be made by the king. 

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The death of Queen Elizabeth II and the new crown prince 202

According to sources, King Charles must use the so-called "Churchill precedent" to avoid the impossible decision. 

In 1953, the then Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, made it clear to the abdicated Edward VIII that he was not welcome at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II (English: Elizabeth II), full name Elizabeth Alexandra Mary (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary) is queen and.

"A coronation is a state-funded event. So, in the same way that Churchill advised Edward VIII to stay out of Elizabeth II's coronation

Elizabeth II (in English: Elizabeth II), full name Elizabeth Alexandra Mary (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary) is Queen and so the decision whether to invite Harry should be made by the government, not just by his father," commented people familiar with topic and remind Harry that he no longer has an official royal role. 

However, the government is trying to "return the ball" back to Buckingham Palace. 

"The royal family provides us with the number of royal guests without identifying them. We then take over the arrangements," an insider said. 

The Cabinet has established a "Coronation Committee", which is made up of civil servants, representatives of the royal family and the Church of England.

The committee will plan the coronation, which will take place on May 6.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs will also take an active part in the preparations.

If Harry attends, security will need to be beefed up given his admissions that he killed 25 Taliban fighters during his service in Afghanistan. 

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Buckingham declined to comment on the matter, but a family insider revealed the king was "furious" at the allegations Harry made in his book Spare.

He denounced Queen Consort Camilla as "dangerous" and fueled further tensions with his interview with American journalist Anderson Cooper. 

Harry has not yet given a concrete answer as to whether he will attend the ceremony if invited, but the presence of him and his wife Meghan will undoubtedly create tension in the British royal family, writes "Daily Mail". 

The death of Queen Elizabeth II and the new heir to the throne

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