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New Delhi:

The plane going from Nepal's capital Kathmandu to Pokhara crashed on Sunday morning.

So far 68 people have been reported killed in this accident.

There were 68 passengers and four crew members on board the crashed plane.

After this accident, a video has now come to the fore, which was captured in his phone by an Indian passenger aboard that plane himself.

This video is being told a few seconds before the accident.

However, NDTV is currently not verifying this video. 

In this video being told before the accident, it is seen that an Indian citizen is filming the scene inside and outside the plane with his phone.

Meanwhile, after some time, the plane was seen tilting to one side and after a while, a cloud of fire started appearing in the recording of the phone.

This video is allegedly being told of the Pokhara plane crash.

However, no one has officially confirmed it yet. 

Please tell that five Indian citizens have also died in this incident.

According to the information being received, all these passengers were residents of Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh.

One of them, Sonu Jaiswal, was doing Facebook live from inside the plane before the plane landed.

During this time this accident happened.

Sonu Jaiswal is also included in those who died. 

Former MP from Nepal Abhishek Pratap, who sent this video to NDTV, told that he was sent this video by a friend of his.

Those who got this video from near the wreckage of the plane today.