A driver chased by a patrol woman sweeps a pedestrian off the sidewalk, according to a video shared on social networks.

The footage is from 2022 but was posted on Facebook yesterday.

The incident took place in the city of Sofia. 

A video from a street camera shows a man standing in front of a parked car.

Seconds later, a car comes down the street at breakneck speed.

It hits the parked Audi and the man next to it is thrown into the air and hits a bus parked nearby.

The car crashes into a fence, and parts of the crashed cars are scattered on the road.

The footage also shows what looks like a dog flying away after the impact.

The patrol arrives after seconds and heads towards the injured man. 

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According to the comments under the video, the driver was drugged and had 1.6 percent alcohol in his blood.

The man who posted the video claims that the injured boy is fine. 

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