As of the evening of January 15,

the generation deficit in the Ukrainian energy system

after the Russian attack is



Low TPP is inoperable due to severe damage.

This was announced by the general director of the YASNO energy company, which is part of the DTEK group, Serhii Kovalenko.


It is still too early to predict the timing of the restoration. It is not yet known how long the repairs will last

," he wrote on his Facebook.

According to Kovalenko, the problem is so serious that "

Ukrenergo" significantly limited the volume of consumption throughout Ukraine

, in particular in Kyiv. 

"Colleagues are keeping the situation under control and are looking for solutions to stabilize it. Distribution system operators must adhere to these restrictions so as not to worsen the system's condition. Therefore, they can apply

emergency shutdowns

. That critical infrastructure must be restored," he said.

The general director of the energy company called the destruction significant.

Currently, all energy companies are working on restoration.


But we need to be prepared for the fact that outages can be long

," Kovalenko warned.

We will remind you that on Saturday, January 14, the Russian army

launched a massive missile attack

on Ukraine.

The enemy damaged one of the thermal power plants.

Kovalenko showed a photo of hitting one of the TPPs.

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