The Education Bureau commissioned Zhuang Jing, a senior vocational teacher and student, to film the video teaching material "Multiple Choice Questions on Happiness, Emergency Rescue is No Problem", and released two versions for elementary school and lower grades and middle and upper grades. Teachers from all over the city will promote it before the winter vacation to let children know about help channels and meal pick-up items. and other information.

(Photo courtesy of New Taipei City Education Bureau)

[Reporter Lin Xinhan/New Taipei Report] The 22-day winter vacation this year will last from January 20th to February 12th. The "Happiness Guard Station" in New Taipei City will not close. Or children under the age of 18 who have sudden accidents at home provide free meals. Schools also strengthen publicity before the holiday to let children know how to seek help.

Zhang Mingwen, director of the New Taipei City Education Bureau, pointed out that the "Happiness Guard Station" in New Taipei City has been promoted for 10 years. In addition to the four major supermarkets that can pick up meals, in recent years, caring stores such as Bafang Yunji, Liang Shehan Ribs, and Huxu Zhanglu Pork Rice have joined in and provided meals. Food is more expensive, and children only need to fill in their basic personal information when receiving it, and the relevant units of the city government will provide care and assistance in the follow-up, without showing any supporting documents, so that children in need can get enough food and clothing.

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In addition, during the winter vacation in New Taipei City, there is also a "Happy Morning" breakfast subsidy. During the winter vacation, disadvantaged students attend classes or activities on campus, and receive breakfast and lunch subsidies; All students can receive a lunch voucher of 50 yuan per day from the school.

This year, the Education Bureau commissioned Zhuang Jing's teachers and students of higher vocational schools to film "Happy Multiple Choice Questions, Emergency Rescue No Problem" video teaching material, and released two versions of elementary school lower grades and middle and upper grades. Teachers from all over the city will promote them before the winter vacation, so that children can understand how to seek help and pick up meals. Project and other information.

Zhuang Jing, a performing arts student surnamed Xu, said that due to his family situation, he once went to the Happiness Guard Station to receive meals. He was very happy to use what he had learned to participate in filming. He hoped that more people would know the Happiness Guard Station and help students in need overcome difficulties.

Before the winter vacation, the school publicized various help channels such as the Happiness Guard Station to students.

(Photo courtesy of New Taipei City Education Bureau)