The budget deficit on an accrued basis is 2.9% of GDP at the end of 2022. This was said by the advisor to the Ministry of Finance, Lubomir Karimanski, in the "120 Minutes" program.

Nexo is not a bank because it is not licensed by regulatory authorities in either the EU or the US.

It can't be a bank.

In the world, there are two types of division of labor in relation to crypto-assets and to financial services in general.

In Europe, we are regulatory oriented, i.e.

we count on regulation to lead the way.

In Asia and the US, they are more market oriented," he explained.

Karimanski cannot commit to a firm position, whether bringing this case into the public sphere in any way influenced President Rumen Radev in making a decision for the third mandate.

However, he said that is exactly the feeling in the community - that he was influenced by it in some way.

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"For 2022, the budget deficit on an accrued basis is 2.9% of GDP.

We are within 3%.

But if we're talking about a cash basis, that's cash on hand in the state at the end of 2022, we have a deficit of 3.3%, but notice on the graph that there's 2.3% (which is 3.7 billion .) funds from the EU, which were not absorbed at the end of last year, due to the lack of reforms," ​​he also said.

Karimanski also pointed out that the National Assembly is facing serious legislative work in order to be able to absorb the money allocated by the EU.

Our country must fulfill a total of 66 criteria.

He pointed out that so far we have completed only 21, ie.

work must be done on the remaining 45 criteria, which are mainly related to legislative changes - such as the law on e-governance and the entry into force of amendments to the law on energy and to the by-laws on energy poverty.

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The big question for him is whether or not to open the Recovery and Resilience Plan.

If it opens, it will delay the process of receiving European funding.

Lubomir Karimanski