Chechnya's "Douyin Army" has seen a sharp drop in the number of films released.

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[Compilation of Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive Report] The soldiers under the President of the Chechen Autonomous Republic Kadyrov who helped out on the Russian-Ukrainian battlefield have repeatedly "staged" fake jokes, and were dubbed the "TikTok Force" by foreign media.

However, the outside world has observed that the "Douyin Army" has "disappeared" on the front line recently, and the number of films released has also decreased significantly.

The legendary Russian commander Igor Strelkov was furious. This was because the Russian army hadn’t won a battle recently. Kadyrov couldn’t find the footage to show off on the Internet, so he disappeared.

Strelkov, whose real name is Igor Girkin, was not only a member of the GRU Spetsnaz, but also served as the "defense minister" of the pro-Russian separatist government in Donetsk.

Strelkov was dubbed the "God of War" by many Russians because of his brilliant military exploits in Russia's plunder of Crimea eight years ago.

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Strelkov, who has always shown his loyalty to the Russian government in the past, has been uncharacteristically recently, publicly expressing his disapproval of Russian President Putin's strategy many times on the Internet.

It is reported that in order to understand the frontline situation of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, Strelkov voluntarily went to the frontline as a militia to participate in the battle. As a result, he was even more disappointed with the performance of the Russian army.

Strelkov fired on the social platform Telegram on the 13th, pointing out that in the Bakhmut area of ​​Udon, where the fighting was most intense, Russian regular troops and "Wagner Group" (Wagner Group) mercenaries were fighting on the front line, the number of people was 2 Where did Wan's Chechen troops go?

Strelkov, who has always been venomous, said that every time the Chechen troops went to pose for photos after the Russian army and the Donbass militia won the victory, they did not show much combat effectiveness at all, and because the Russian army has not won a battle recently, Card Rove couldn't find the material to shoot, and couldn't show off on the Internet, so the "Douyin Army" disappeared.

Strelkov, a retired colonel of the GRU Special Forces, said frankly that the Russian army is facing the risk of defeat.

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