A 45-year-old man was charred as a corpse in a sedan.

A good Samaritan reveals that before the incident saw another sedan

Driving to the rear before the fire flashed and driving this flight, in addition, from the inspection, a 9mm gun shell was also found at the scene of the accident.

Initially, the police suspected it might be a murder and burn to cover up the case.

At 00.10 on January 16, 2023, Lt. Col. Ekawit Thongthum, Deputy Police Station (Investigation), Muang Lop Buri Police Station.

Receiving a report of a car fire

At the bypass road, Village No. 1, Kokko Subdistrict, Mueang District, Lopburi Province, therefore coordinated the fire trucks from Patan Subdistrict Municipality and Kokko Subdistrict Municipality.

along with volunteers from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation

travel to inspect

The scene found a sedan, Honda brand, Civic model, gray-black, registered Lop Buri.

parked on the shoulder

was being engulfed by intense fire

The officers then sprayed water until the fire was extinguished.

But the whole car was damaged.

from the examination found that

There was 1 person dead inside the car, the condition was charred, the gender could not be identified.

While the officers were inspecting the scene of the accident, there was Mr. Lek (reserve his surname), 32 years old, driving a backhoe.

along with his wife, traveling from Saraburi Province, told the police with panic that

Before the fire happened, the said car

There is a white sedan of unknown brand and registration number.

Driving to park next to the fire immediately after that, the white sedan quickly turned off the lights and drove away quickly.

He then reversed the car to see for sure.

Before several explosions followed.

Until having to bring the car to dodge and park for safety

This is consistent with the testimony of the rescuers.

who arrived while the fire was burning said car said that when he arrived at the scene he found the car

Broken driver's glass

but could not find the driver

because the smoke spread all over the car

After that, the police officers examined the accident scene in detail.

Until it was found that on the road, about 30 meters from the burned-out car, one 9mm bullet casing was found, which may be that

This event may not be just an accident.

But it may be a disguised murder, then coordinated with the police forensic evidence and doctors at Ananda Mahidol Hospital.

travel to inspect

Later, at about 1:45 a.m. on the same day (16 Jan), Miss Angkhana (surname reserved), 35 years old, and her relatives arrived at the scene of the accident.

When he saw the car, he cried out to Ho.

which the reporter asked whether

The deceased was known as Mr. Suwit Kerdkaew, 45 years old, from Lopburi province.

who is a boyfriend who has been in a relationship for about 1 year, only knowing that Mr. Suwit had a car accident on fire

but didn't know it was a murder.

because not many details about the deceased

because they are not together all the time

The deceased would come and visit him infrequently at night.

And do not know the cause of the murder in disguise.

because they don't know much about the dead

The police officers traveled to the deceased's house.

to inquire

But there is still no definite information.

Initially, it is expected that the white sedan

He drove behind the dead car and fired 1 shot, then came down to make sure he was dead.

So set the car on fire to cover up the case

before fleeing in the dark

However, the police have to wait for the proof of bullet marks on the car body.

Including a gunshot wound from a doctor before

Which is currently in the process of reviewing