Ukrainian actress

Anna Koshmal

was moved by her conversation with 4-year-old



In particular, on January 14, when a large-scale air alert began throughout Ukraine, the celebrity told her son that he should pack up and go hide in a shelter.

However, the fact that Mykhailo answered her moved the actress.

The celebrity's son asked his mother to check whether there was a launch of missiles over Ukraine, or whether it was just the activity of enemy aviation.

"I say: "Mish, anxiety, let's go." And he tells me: "Ma, maybe there haven't been launches yet, look, maybe it's just the activity of enemy aircraft.

My child knows and can pronounce at the age of four," the actress shared.

Son of Anna Koshmal / Photo:

We will remind you that on January 14, the aggressor country Russia launched a large-scale missile attack on Ukraine.

During the shelling, an enemy shell hit a residential high-rise in the city of Dnipro.

Ukrainian celebrities

reacted to the shameful act of the Russian Federation

and once again called on the civilized world to stop the bloody war in Ukraine, which was unleashed by hostile Russia.

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