The mayor of


, Ivan Fedorov, reported on the destruction of several enemy deployment points near the city during the day.

He said this on the air of the national telethon.  

"Today at 4 o'clock in the morning, two loud explosions rang out in Melitopol, the whole city heard them. The result of these explosions was the liquidation of yet another racist military base, which was concentrated in the lower part of the city," he said.

Fedorov also said that this night was unsuccessful for the occupiers not only on the territory of Melitopol.

In Berdyansk, in the forest belt, a group of Russians was also eliminated.

And the same situation occurred in the territory of temporarily occupied Tokmak. 

"So, in general, it was a bad night for the Rashists in the temporarily occupied Zaporizhzhia region, we hope that there will be more in the future," the mayor of Melitopol emphasized.

On Friday evening, January 13, there was an explosion in the car of one of the local top-highwayers.

"We are sure that the occupiers themselves are cleaning up the collaborators. Because they use this material, which agrees to cooperate with them, as a waste, and little by little they protect them. Someone is taken out of the temporarily occupied territories, someone's car is blown up. But, unfortunately, it was this Gauleiter who managed to run out of his car before the explosion. But I am sure that the explosive wave will definitely catch up with him," Fedorov said.

We will remind, on the night of

January 14, a loud explosion rang out in occupied Melitopol.

The situation in Melitopol

The occupiers are taking the bodies of their dead soldiers en masse

to the local morgue

in Melitopol, it is full.

Russian mercenaries and special services began to change into civilian clothes in Melitopol, pretending to be local residents.

In this way, the occupiers

hunt down local partisans.

A few days ago, loud explosions rang out in the city again.

Ivan Fedorov reported

on the explosions at the "Hydromash" MP

- there the occupiers deployed their military base.

Military expert Pavlo Narozhny noted that the Zaporizhzhia region is the most likely

direction of attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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