Qianqian, a third-year junior high school girl, was found to be pregnant, and her accompanying father immediately yelled at her for making a wrong friend, but the obstetrics and gynecology department was shocked and called the police, only to find out that Qianqian was pregnant with her father's seed. Da Qianqian was a 1-year-old Sister Qingqing was also sexually assaulted by her father. The sisters were raped at least 500 times, which is "outrageous."

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[Reporter Xu Shenglun/New Taipei Report] Qianqian (pseudonym), a 15-year-old female student studying in junior high school, was taken to the obstetrics and gynecology department by her father a few days ago, and was found to be pregnant. Check it out, but the obstetrics and gynecology department noticed that Qianqian's face was weird, and immediately realized that something was wrong and called the police. With the assistance of the police, it was discovered that Qianqian's pregnancy was actually caused by his father. Not only that, Daqianqian's 1-year-old sister Qingqing (pseudonym) They were also sexually assaulted by their father. The sisters have been assaulted at least 500 times since elementary school. After hearing this, the police denounced it as "outrageous".

It is understood that Qingqing and Qianqian live with their parents in New Taipei City. The mother of the two sisters suffers from mental illness, and her work and rest are not normal. The mother slept in a room alone, and the father shared the room with the sisters.

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When the eldest daughter, Qingqing, was in grade 6, the secondary sexual characteristics of women began to emerge, and Qingqing's appearance became more and more mature, which made her father think badly. The young Qianqian was also lying on the side. Qianqian asked her father what she was doing in a childlike manner, but her father said, "My sister is not good and deserves to be punished." As Qianqian also developed secondary sexual characteristics the next year, she also suffered "Father's punishment", the sisters became father's sex toys in this way.

At the end of last year, the two sisters were promoted to the first year of high school and the third year of junior high school respectively. They have fully understood that their father’s behavior is very bad and tried to resist, but to no avail. The father also used emotional blackmail to claim that he worked hard to support the family. The two sisters could not refute it and continued Forbearance.

It wasn't until the father took his youngest daughter Qianqian to the obstetrics and gynecology department for an examination that the incident came to light.

At the beginning, my father tried to avoid responsibility by acting in obstetrics and gynecology, and scolded "I told you not to have sex with your boyfriend, but I didn't listen"!

Fortunately, the obstetrics and gynecology staff saw that Qianqian's expression was too strange, so they immediately called the police. However, the father refused to tell the truth when he was questioned by the police at first. Violated more than 500 times.

During the investigation, the father continued to evade the important and ignore the minor, saying that there had not been so many times, but the police couldn't stand it and said, "Is it a matter of the number of times?"

The bad attitude made the police very angry.

After police inquiry, the vicious wolf father was transferred to justice on the basis of the crime of obstructing sexual autonomy.

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