For the preparation of this text, data from open sources, which were declassified at the state level, were used.

What Ukraine received as of January 13, 2023

From Western allies, Ukraine received a variety of weapons: from grenade launchers, small arms, cartridges for tanks, anti-tank guided missile systems and tactical unmanned aerial systems.

For example, on January 6, 2023, the White House


the provision of a new defense aid package to Ukraine in the amount of $3.75 billion.

Also, since the start of the full-scale invasion on February 24, 2022, the Armed Forces have received from the US and other allies:

  • Javelin

    anti-tank guided missile systems


  • Stinger portable air defense systems


  • Switchblade tactical unmanned aerial systems


  • 155-mm

    howitzers M777


  • Phoenix Ghost Unmanned Aerial Systems


  • HIMARS missile launchers


  • Sea Sparrow surface-to-air anti-aircraft guided missiles


  • Portable anti-aircraft missile complexes "Perun"


  • T-72M/M1 tanks


  • Reactive salvo fire system BM-21 "Grad"


  • Anti-tank complexes


    (Great Britain).

  • Portable anti-aircraft missile complexes Starstreak

    (Great Britain).

  • Portable anti-aircraft missile complexes LMM Marlet

    (Great Britain).

  • Stormer HVM mobile anti-aircraft missile systems

    (Great Britain).

  • Brimstone rockets

    (Great Britain).

  • Anti-aircraft self-propelled guns FlakPz Gepard


  • 155-mm wheeled self-propelled

    artillery installations Caesar


  • Anti-tank complexes MILAN


  • Self-propelled artillery installations PzH 2000

    (155-mm caliber) (Netherlands).

  • S-300 air defense systems


  • Self-propelled artillery installation Zuzana 2

    caliber 155 mm (Slovakia).

  • Self-propelled artillery installations DANA and DANA M2

    (Czech Republic).

  • 20

    rocket launchers RM-70 Vampire

    (Czech Republic).

  • Mistral portable anti-aircraft missile systems


  • FH70 towed howitzer


  • Also, Ukraine should receive in the near future

    Bradley BMP (infantry combat vehicle)


    Patriot air defense system (aircraft missile systems)


    AMX-10RC armored car,

    Bastion multi-purpose armored personnel carrier

    , a company (14 according to NATO standards)

    of Leopard 2 tanks


    Archer self -propelled guns,


    artillery installations  ,

    Paladin self-propelled guns with a 155-mm cannon, a Hawk air defense system

    and a

    Stinger MANPADS system.

    Potentially, the UK

    plans to transfer

    10 Challenger 2 tanks.

    Challenger 2 tank

    Challenger 2 tank / Photo:

    The Sky News agency reported that Great Britain is considering the possibility of transferring 10

    Challenger 2

    tanks to Ukraine .

    Currently, this is the main battle tank of Great Britain.

    It was adopted in the 90s of the last century.

    The armored vehicle is manufactured by Vickers Defense Systems (now part of BAE Systems).

    The main weapon used on the Challenger 2 tank is the 120 mm L30A1 rifled gun, which is a successor to the guns mounted on the Challenger and Chieftain.

    It is cast by the electroslag remelting method and is currently the only rifled gun of this caliber used by NATO.

    An additional weapon is a L94A1 machine gun paired with a 7.62 mm gun.

    Leopard 2 tank

    Leopard 2 tank / Photo:

    Leopard 2

    is a main battle tank created by the German company Krauss-Maffei Wegmann.

    Became the successor of Leopard 1. Production of the tank began in 1979 and during this period 3,200 models were produced.

    Today, there are a large number of variants of Leopard 2, each of which received certain improvements.

    The main armament of the serial version of the tank is a 120 mm Rheinmetall smoothbore gun.

    It is fully stabilized, so it can fire different types of ammunition.

    NASAMS air defense system

    NASAMS air defense system / Photo:

    The NASAMS

    anti-aircraft missile complex

    is a joint development of the Norwegian company Norwegian Kongsberg and the American Raytheon.

    It became the first missile system in the West to use a guided missile system and AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles.

    On January 10, 2023, it became known that Canada plans to purchase an advanced NASAMS anti-aircraft missile system from the United States for $300 million in order to later transfer it to Ukraine.

    Canada's Minister of National Defense Anita Anand


    about it on her Twitter .

    This air defense system can be used against cruise missiles, drones, airplanes and helicopters.

    The range of shots, depending on the missiles used, can be from 20 to 180 km, the height of damage - up to 21 km.

    Patriot air defense system

    Patriot air defense system / Photo:

    American air defense system (aircraft missile system)


    — a universal means of air defense at medium and high altitudes.

    Production began in 1980, and already in 1981, the first deliveries to the troops began.

    The anti-aircraft missile system was adopted in 1982.



    the representative of the Pentagon, Brigadier General Pat Ryder, thanks to the Patriot complexes, the Armed Forces will be able to strengthen the capabilities of their air defense system to protect the population and the armed forces.

    In the near future, the Ukrainian military

    will begin

    training on the Patriot air defense system in the United States.

    The training is expected to take only a few months, although there is no exact date for the completion of the training.

    Hawk air defense system

    HAWK air defense system / Photo:

    After the massive attack on October 10, 2022, many NATO countries immediately promised Ukraine additional air defense assets.

    In particular, Spain


    4 launchers of the MIM-23 Hawk air defense system.

    Also, the same installations were


    by the Armed Forces and the USA.

    On January 12, 2023, Spain


    225 Ukrainian servicemen, among whom 20 will undergo training on Hawk air defense systems to counter air attacks.

    The development of the Hawk anti-aircraft system began in 1952 by the Raytheon company.

    Although this weapon is far from new, it has undergone several modifications and is considered much better than its Soviet counterparts.

    In particular, the MIM-23 Hawk has received at least 6 major upgrades over the past 60 years.

    For example, the latest version has the AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel three-dimensional pulse-Doppler radar, an improved electronic missile defense system, and the ability to target in conditions of electronic countermeasures.

    Aspide air defense system

    Aspide air defense system / Photo:

    On November 7, 2022, it became known that the NASAMS and Aspide anti-aircraft missile complexes, which were transferred to the Ukrainian Armed Forces by Spain, had arrived in Ukraine.

    This was


    by the Minister of Defense Oleksiy Reznikov.

    Aspide is not the anti-aircraft missile complex itself, but the name of a separate class of missiles that have been known since the 70s.

    They are manufactured by MBDA, the only integrated company in Europe.

    Aspide are medium-range guided missiles that were built on the basis of the American air-to-air AIM-7 Sparrow.

    It is worth noting that there are two versions of the missiles.

    Basic Aspide have a flight range of about 12 km and a maximum target height of up to 5.5-6 km.

    But the more modern Aspide 2000 is often called "the main destroyer of aircraft", because these missiles can fly at a distance of more than 25 km.

    MANPADS Stinger

    MANPADS Stinger / Photo:

    On January 12, 2023, the Minister of Defense of Latvia, Inara Murniece ,


    that her country could hand over a batch of Stinger MANPADS to the Armed Forces, as well as train Ukrainian servicemen.

    According to the minister, the decision will be considered during the next meeting in the Rammstein format.

    Although Inara herself believes that the list of military aid is already "in her pocket".

    The Stinger MANPAD is an American man-portable surface-to-air anti-aircraft missile system that has an infrared homing warhead.

    Stinger MANPADS are disposable and very easy to aim.

    For effective work, two soldiers are needed - one raises the missiles, and the other fires.

    On December 16, 2022, during a massive attack on Kyiv,

    platoon commander

    Andriy Dyachuk "landed" two enemy missiles flying towards the capital with accurate shots from a MANPADS Stinger.

    Javelin ATGM

    Javelin ATGM / Photo:

    In fact, this anti-tank missile complex was already very familiar to Ukrainian fighters, because it first entered the Armed Forces in 2018.

    However, on the eve of the full-scale Russian complex, Ukraine's allies intensified the supply of these complexes.

    Although the exact number will most likely be known after the victory.


    began to be developed in the 80s in the USA.

    They were created specifically to destroy Soviet tanks, taking into account their characteristics, tactics of use and different types of terrain where such tanks can be destroyed.

    Javelins have a flight range of 2.5 km, which is the average line-of-sight value in Europe.

    The rocket is distinguished by the so-called "soft launch".

    That is, during a shot from the shoulder, the operator is not injured.

    But most importantly, Javelin has its own thermal imaging homing head and, after capturing the target, will fly to it independently.

    Javelin is often used by the Ukrainian military.

    For example, on January 2, 2023, a


    appeared showing how this American missile finished off the T-90M "Breakthrough" tank.

    NLAW anti-tank grenade launcher

    NLAW anti-tank grenade launcher / Photo:


    is a light anti-tank weapon of the new generation, a joint Swedish-British project.

    Production of the portable anti-tank guided missile began in 2009.

    As of December 29, 2022, Ukraine


    more than two thousand NLAW from the allies, but deliveries are still ongoing.

    The main feature of this anti-tank complex is its ease of use and maximum efficiency.

    NLAW was used at the very beginning of a full-scale war to counter a tank attack on the approaches to Kyiv.

    In some open sources, you can even find information that they were given to Teroboron fighters and volunteers.

    NLAW was conceived as a mass weapon for ordinary fighters.

    In regular mode, the rocket flies at a height of about 4 meters above the ground.

    At the same time, the magnetic sensor is activated, which is needed to fix the accumulation of metal.

    The tank is usually stitched from above.

    Bayraktar drones

    Bayraktar TB2 / Photo:

    The Ukrainian army received the first


    drones   in July 2021.

    Since then, they have successfully shown themselves in battle.

    However, the Armed Forces of Ukraine purchased all these UAVs from the Turkish company "Baykar Makina".

    Since the beginning of the full-scale war, this company has twice handed over its drones to the Armed Forces of Ukraine free of charge.

    The last time is June 28, 2022.

    This was


    by Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov.

    Bayraktar TB2 reconnaissance and strike drones can accelerate up to 200 km per hour and can climb to a height of up to 8 km.

    Bayraktars drop aerial bombs and guided anti-tank missiles.

    The drone can be in flight for a whole day.

    At the same time, the price of Bayraktar in hryvnias, together with the control station, is from $30 to $70 million for a set of 6 drones, two mobile ground control points and a set of weapons.

    Howitzer M777

    Howitzer M777 / Photo:


    M777 howitzer

    is the latest serial artillery system developed by the British company BAE Systems in the early 2000s.

    Since 2005, it has been in service with the United States.

    There are three versions of the howitzer: basic, with optical sighting, with the ability to fire high-precision M982 Excalibur shells.

    The latest weapons are widely used by the Armed Forces.

    For example, on December 26, 2022, fighters showed how they


    enemy ammunition depots in the Bakhmut direction.

    Switchblade 600

    Switchblade 600 / Photo: YouTube

    Switchblade 600 can fly where Russian air defense systems simply cannot reach.

    On October 27, 2022, in an interview with Politico, Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov


    that in a few weeks, Ukraine will receive the first batch of these kamikaze drones from the United States.

    These drones have several modifications.

    Switchblade 600 is intended for the destruction of light and armored vehicles, manpower.

    The drone is compact in size, so it can be carried in a backpack (together with the launcher), and it weighs only 23 kg.

    After launch, the device unfolds its wings, and the operator guides it to the target using a tablet PC.

    The control system is equipped with on-board encrypted data transmission channels and a GPS module with selective availability and protection against signal substitution (spoofing).

    We will remind that in April 2022, Ukraine


    Switchblade 300 kamikaze drones from the USA, which are used only against enemy personnel.

    Howitzer Caesar

    Howitzer CAESAR / Photo:

    In the first quarter of 2023, France will deliver six more

    Caesar howitzers

    to Ukraine .

    This was


    by French President Emmanuel Macron.

    Caesar artillery systems of French production are characterized by high accuracy and mobility.

    They can be prepared for work in one hour, and it takes only 40 seconds to roll up and leave the position.

    These howitzers can destroy Russian equipment at a distance of up to 50 km.

    The mobility and maneuverability of Caesar was achieved thanks to the wheeled chassis.

    The installation is also equipped with an automated self-attachment and homing system.

    In one minute, the howitzer can fire up to 5 rounds and can use several types of 155 mm ammunition.

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