Police officers have caught two dealers in Burgas per day, the Ministry of the Interior announced.

Both cases are from January 12.

In the first case, uniformed officers searched a premises located on "Hilendar" street in "Pobeda" district.

The apartment is occupied by a 48-year-old man with a criminal record.

There they found and seized bags of methamphetamine. 

In a second case from the city, the law enforcement authorities checked a house located on "Oktomvri" street in the "Sarafovo" quarter, which is inhabited by a 28-year-old criminal and convicted burglar.

And there they found and confiscated the same drug - methamphetamine, an electronic scale, heads of marijuana flowers, a glass flask, iodine and various drugs.

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Both men were detained for up to 24 hours.

Work on the cases continues.