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Today, the District Prosecutor's Office in Blagoevgrad filed an indictment in a case for causing moderate bodily harm by a police officer in the performance of his duty.

The criminal act is qualified under Art.

131, para.

1, item 2, item III, paragraph art.

129, para.

2, pr. II, alt.

2 of the Criminal Code.

As of January 2022, the accused V.G.

(25 years old) held the position of senior police officer in the sector "Patrol-Post Activity and Mass Events - Blagoevgrad" at the Directorate "Gendarmerie" in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

On the evening of 22/01/2022, he was at work, taking part in a police operation to protect public order, combat crime and illegal migration during the winter tourist season.

In this regard, V.G.

together with his colleagues, he was on "Bulgaria" street in the area of ​​the exit of the town of Bansko.

Around midnight, R.S. stopped a few meters from their official police car.

Law enforcement officials said it was preventing them from working.

The man explained to them that he had stopped for a while to wait for his colleagues.

In the next moment, the accused V.G.

got out of the car, approached R.S.

and kicked him in the knee area.

The victim fell, after which the policeman gave him several more kicks in the chest area.

Immediately after that, the law enforcement officer returned to the vehicle.

A man from Bansko claims that he was beaten by officers of the Gendarmerie

A friend of R.S.

filed a report about the incident on the emergency call number 112. The place was visited by the police officers in the Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the city of Bansko.

Pre-trial proceedings were initiated in the case, and V.G.

is brought as an accused for the act he committed.

As can be seen from the medical examination prepared in the case, as a result of the blows inflicted by the accused, the victim R.S.

received traumatic injuries, incl.

a tear in the meniscus of the knee, which led to permanent difficulty in movement.

The case is to continue in court.

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