According to Ukrainian military intelligence, Russia is trying to create an army of two million.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine informs about this.

During the first wave of mobilization, 300,000 people were drafted into the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

After a short training, the mobilized are sent to the combat zone in Ukraine.

Military intelligence of Ukraine does not rule out that the leadership of Russia will announce another wave of mobilization in the coming days.

Another 500,000 Russians will enter the Russian Armed Forces, which will allow the terrorist country to create strategic reserves.

Russia is already actively preparing for the announcement of another wave of mobilization.

At the legislative level, changes are being made to the laws of the Russian Federation that regulate mobilization.

Active training of training centers is also underway.

According to the estimates of the military intelligence of Ukraine, the scale of the mobilization measures carried out by the aggressor country indicates the plans of its leadership to create an army numbering about two million people.

What is known about mobilization in Russia

A new wave of mobilization, which may be announced in Russia as early as January 15, will not prevent the Defense Forces from conducting offensive operations on the front lines.

Andriy Chernyak, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, stated this in a comment to "Suspilno" on January 10.

According to him, the military and political leadership of the Russian Federation may announce a new wave of mobilization on January 15.

According to Chernyak, the Kremlin wants to carry out a large-scale offensive to occupy new Ukrainian territories at the expense of citizens called to the ranks of the army.

Despite the plans for the further capture of the regions, the Russian invaders are engaged in the construction of fortifications in those directions where, in theory, they should conduct assault actions.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov said that preparations for a new 

mobilization are in full swing in Russia,

and the FSB has issued an order prohibiting debtors from crossing the border.

Oleksiy Hetman, a military analyst and veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war, believes that it is 

not a problem for the Russian Federation to mobilize 500,000 people,

or even several million.

However, to provide such a number of fighters, there will be a lack of equipment, weapons and even ammunition.

It is possible that the mobilized will be thrown into battle with just sticks or Mosin rifles.

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