Ukrainian businesswoman

Dasha Katsurina amused her

fans with a new cute video, which shows her 6-year-old daughter Sasha and her boyfriend, showman

Volodymyr Dantes


In her Telegram channel, the restaurateur posted a video in which she showed correspondence between her lover and her daughter.

Katsurina shared what funny video messages Vova and 6-year-old Sasha exchange.

In particular, they send each other funny faces.

"Wow, it's going to kill me, but these two's conversations in circles are ahaha," Katsurina commented on the video.

Dasha Katsurina and Volodymyr Dantes / Photo:

It should be noted that Dasha Katsurina has two children from her previous marriage with restaurateur Misha Katsurina - a 6-year-old daughter Sasha and a one-year-old son Ivan.

As Volodymyr Dantes shared earlier, he easily

found a common language with the children of his new lover


Once, Dantes even had a serious conversation with Alexandra in the kitchen, which he told recently.

We will remind you that earlier Dasha Katsurina admitted that Volodymyr Dantes, who is gradually getting used to the role of a father, demands more children from her.

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