Chen Xin'an (pictured) brought back 9 stove masters, 18 head masters, 1 golden tortoise, and 4 money tortoises in the year of Renyin.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shuxiu)

[Reporter Wang Shuxiu/Tainan Report] Chen Xin'an, a believer in Guangze Zunwang in Nanshi City, participated in the selection of "Toujia Furnace Masters" in many palace temples in Renyin Year. Within a year, a total of 9 Furnace Masters, 18 Toujia Furnaces, There is 1 golden tortoise and 4 money tortoises, and the hall of the gods at home is extraordinary, just like a "God's Fun Party", which is amazing!

There are 8 gods gathered in Xiluo Hall alone, and Wenheng Shengdi (the first family) in the Guandi Hall of Bajijing was welcomed back with 10 holy grails, breaking the temple record.

It can be called the "King of Furnace Lord"!

Chen Xin'an mentioned that he had a sensitive constitution since he was a child, and he went through a lot of difficulties under the blessing of King Guangze of Xiluo Temple. About 4 years ago, he started beating the master of the home stove. Let him be eager to try, and just like this started his "Road to the Stove Master King". Ren Yinnian even broke his own record and welcomed back 27 first Stove Masters; Word of mouth of gods and gods has come.

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Folk belief "Toujialuzhu" is a service staff hand-picked by the gods. They are usually selected by cup competition before and after the gods' Christmas, and they have to serve the gods in that year. Auspiciousness, warding off disasters and disasters, as the center of Guangze Zunwang's faith in the whole country, Xiluo Hall often sees more than a hundred people competing!

Chen Xin'an shared that when he was studying in the graduate school, he was hospitalized due to a severe flu. Occasionally in the hospital, he could smell a special clean fragrance that could not be explained, and felt that the holy prince came to bless him.

He said that the purpose of winning these "head stove masters" is to serve the gods, and he only wants to be healthy and safe. He has worked smoothly for many years, and his health is the biggest gain!

Chen Xin'an said that in the hall, the master of Nanguan Chongde Zunhou of Xiluo Hall and the head of Wenheng Shengdi of Guandi Hall of Bajijing had won the most cups in the hall, with 10 cups each, breaking the record of Guandi Hall of Bajijing at the same time. .

In addition, the more special one is the battalion commander in the Xiluo Temple, the Xiying commander, the furnace master, which is quite rare in general palaces and temples, and his status is equivalent to that of the guard of the presidential palace.

In total, in the year of Renyin, please go back and enshrine those who include Chongde Zunhou, the southern officer of the Xiluo Hall, and the chief of the inner battalion, the Xiying Commander; Guanyin Buddha in the Puji Hall; Chifu Qiansui in the Xiaonan Kunming Hall; Yancheng Baoan Palace Chifu Qiansui; Fucheng Zhengde Hall Taiyi Zhenren and other 8 furnace masters, and the deputy furnace master of the gods and Buddha altar Medicine Emperor.

There are also 5 Taibaos, 7 Taibaos, 9 Taibaos, 11 Taibaos, Fudezhengshen, Changzhu Da Erye in the West Luo Hall; City God; Avalokitesvara Buddha in Qingshui Temple in Liuhejing; Qiansui Chifu in Pingtianguan; Heavenly Virgin of Hai'an Palace; Emperor Wenheng in Guandi Hall in Bajijing; Qiansui in Song Palace Kangfu; Xialin Yusheng Palace Guangze Zunwang and Concubine Miaoying; Sacrificial Horses in Wu Temple The envoy and other 18 heads.

There are also four money tortoises, including the altar of gods and Buddhas, Pingtian Pavilion, Bailong Temple Wuling Hall, Magong Temple, and the golden tortoise of Hai'an Palace.

In the year of Renyin, Chen Xin'an respectfully welcomed back the nine censer owners. The god censers lined up in the hall of gods in his home are breathtaking.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shuxiu)

In recent years, Chen Xin'an has welcomed back countless furnace masters from palaces and temples, and the lamps left by the furnace masters are even lined up on the balcony of his home.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shuxiu)