The expansion joints of the Da'anxi Bridge are close to the stop line, and motorcycles tend to slip when they stop at a red light or start.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Xuanzhe)

[Reporter Zhang Xuanzhe/Taichung Report] Da'anxi Bridge is an important bridge in the Dajia urban area and Nichinan area on the first line of Taiwan. There is frequent traffic flow. Although the expansion joints of the bridge originally had anti-skid grooves, the expansion joints were close to the stop line, resulting in motorcycles. It is easy to slip when waiting for a red light or when starting. Today (12th), City Councilor Shi Zhichang invited the Taichung Public Works Section of the Second District Maintenance Engineering Department of the General Highway Administration and Huang Xiangrong, the chief of Dajia Mengchun Lieutenant, to the site for inspection, hoping to enhance the anti-skid effect. Wang Jiayuan, deputy chief of the Taichung Public Works Section, said that the anti-slip coating will be used to enhance the anti-slip effect, and it will be completed within one month.

Shi Zhichang said that the Da'anxi Bridge is an important bridge from Dajia to Ninan and even Yuanli, and there are expansion joints near the traffic signs in the north. Many Li residents reported through Facebook that the expansion joints here are easy to slip and He usually drives by, and often sees locomotives skidding. As long as skids occur, traffic safety accidents are likely to occur.

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Huang Xiangrong, head of Meng Chun Li, said that many residents in Xibei stop at the traffic lights through the Da'anxi Bridge, especially when they want to start or when it rains, because of the expansion joints, slipping occurs; Wang Jiayuan said that because the bridge connects to the embankment, because of structural configuration , so the expansion joint is closer to the stop line.

Therefore, although the expansion joint here already has an anti-slip groove design, in order to take into account the driving safety of the public, without changing the stop line, a layer of anti-slip coating will be applied to the expansion joint to enhance the anti-slip effect. It is expected that a It will be completed within a month to increase the safety of people driving.

The position of the expansion joint of Da'anxi Bridge close to the stop line will increase the anti-slip effect.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Xuanzhe)