KMT Chairman Zhu Lilun (middle) attends the 7th and 3rd National Congress of the Women's Federation of the Republic of China. Before the meeting, she accepts media interviews and responds to issues such as election bribery, cabinet resignations, and election layout.

(Photo by reporter Chen Zhiqu)

[Reporter Shi Xiaoguang/Taipei Report] The Tsai government is about to reshuffle the cabinet. Regarding the question of whether the current Premier Su Zhenchang will stay or stay, the Kuomintang Chairman Zhu Lilun said in an interview at the National Congress of the Women’s Federation of the Republic of China this morning that he would not change Su Kui. In fact, they are all the same. The most important thing is that if the attitude of President Tsai Ing-wen and the DPP does not change, they will always face the public opinion with arrogance and do not know how to reflect and review. "Humility, humility and humility" has become a folk joke. It doesn't matter whoever becomes the executive dean.

Zhu Lilun also said that the reshuffle of the cabinet involves serious factional struggles in the DPP. As an opposition party, he only hopes that Taiwan and the Republic of China will be good.

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As for the rumors that former Vice President Chen Jianren and former Taoyuan Mayor Zheng Wencan are possible candidates for the cabinet, Zhu Lilun said that he does not want to speculate on the rumors that have not yet happened, and this will affect the factional struggles of the DPP, the division of interests, or the middle He will not comment on any special political interest considerations.

In response to the exposure of the video of Xiao Jingtian, a former member of the Standing Committee of the KMT Central Committee suspected of bribery, Zhu Lilun said that respect for the judiciary, as long as the judiciary handles it, the KMT will have relative party discipline. At present, it still respects the judiciary. , Bai or any political party, the same standard must be applied.

The Kuomintang Central Discipline Inspection Committee will hold a meeting this afternoon. The media asked whether the Xiao Jingtian case should be dealt with together?

Zhu Lilun repeatedly emphasized respect for the judiciary, and the KMT will only deal with it after there must be a corresponding judicial sanction.

In addition, there are rumors that Zhu Lilun will visit Japan after the Lunar New Year, and that KMT vice chairman Xia Liyan will visit mainland China again. Zhu Lilun said that he often sees such reports. Although the Kuomintang continues its international exchanges and cross-strait exchanges, the schedule of visits is So far, he has not done so. He admires the media's ability to report when he has no plans.

Zhu Lilun said that the Ministry of Mainland Affairs and the Ministry of International Affairs of the Kuomintang will help the Kuomintang to build better international relations and peaceful cross-strait relations, laying the foundation for the future presidential candidates of the Blue Camp.

As for Zhao Shaokang, the chairman of Zhongguang, and Zhang Yazhong, the principal of Sun Wen School, both expressed their stance to strive for nomination for the presidential election. When the media asked the Party Central Committee what plan it has at present, Zhu Lilun said that he firmly believed that the KMT would go the right way, and that the right people should be chosen. Unite as one, be selfless and selfless, let go of your ego, and put your self first in order to win the election. In the future, there will be a by-election for the Nantou County Legislative Committee. The KMT should take one step at a time. During the process, no one will see any selfishness or self-interest. Or civil strife. At this stage, everyone is fully committed to supporting the election of legislators by-election.

Regarding Taipei City Legislative Committee by-election candidate Wang Hongwei's hope that former Hon Hai Chairman Gou Taiming and People's Party Chairman Ke Wenzhe will be included in the party's presidential nomination primaries, Zhu Lilun said that he has repeatedly emphasized that the KMT welcomes all friends who are not from the green camp, regardless of their original background. Blue, white or other colors, he welcomes everyone to support and join the Kuomintang. The strength of the Kuomintang alone is not enough. We must unite everyone and combine the non-green camp. better.