A major operation by security forces is going on in Sukma, the tri-junction of Chhattisgarh, Telangana and Odisha.

A major operation by the security forces is going on in Sukma, the tri-junction of Chhattisgarh, Telangana and Odisha.

Its purpose is to target Madavi Hidma, the mastermind of several deadly attacks and the commander of Battalion No. 1 of the CPI (Maoist).

Along with this, the Maoists have to be eliminated from this area forever.

Significantly, Union Home Minister Amit Shah had recently said in Chhattisgarh that Maoist insurgency will be wiped out before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Never been deployed on such a large scale

According to sources, troops were never deployed on such a large scale in any such operation.

Because choppers have been pressed into action.

CRPF's commando unit Cobra, Chhattisgarh Police and Telangana Police's flamboyant people are engaged in this operation.

UAV was also used in this operation to find out the exact place.

A statement issued by the office of the Inspector General of CRPF's Chhattisgarh sector said, "A continuous operation is being carried out against the Maoists in the Bijapur-Sukma (Chhattisgarh)-Telangana border area. In this series, a unit of CRPF's CoBRA battalion While being dropped by the helicopter to the Forward Operating Base, the team was disembarked when an encounter broke out between the CoBRA commandos and the Maoists, who fled after seeing that the security personnel were able to target them.

Cobra commandos have not suffered any loss and efforts are being made to gather information about the damage caused to the Maoists in the incident.

The search operation is going on in the area."

Madvi Hidma also injured in the attack

A statement issued by the South Bastar division of the banned Maoist group said the operation began at 11 am.

Air strikes using drones and helicopters are going on in Pamed, Markanguda, Mettaguda, Sakiler, Rasapalli, Errapad villages.

Due to this the farmers are scared and they are unable to go to their fields.

Due to fear, the people of the whole area are scared.

This operation is a part of Home Minister Amit Shah's plan to root out the Maoists.

According to sources, some jawans have also been injured in this, but they are safe.

Bullets also hit a helicopter, which landed at Elmagunda camp in Sukma.

There are unconfirmed reports that 55-year-old Madvi Hidma has also been injured in the attack.

Who is Hidma and in which attacks has he been involved?

Hidma is the commander of the Maoist People's Liberation Guerrilla Army Battalion 1.

Dandakaranya is a member of the Special Zonal Committee.

He has been involved in more than 25 attacks since 2004.

He carried out some of the biggest attacks in 2010.

He led the attack in Dantewada, when 76 CRPF personnel were killed.

His name figured in the Jhiram Valley attack in 2013 that decimated the Congress leadership in Chhattisgarh.

There is a total reward of Rs 45 lakh on his head.

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