Joint exercises with Russia were announced in Belarus, for which aircraft from Russia arrived in the republic.

However, our military reassures: there is no need to be afraid of this next rattling of weapons, this is how the enemy is trying to psychologically pressure, says TSN. 

In the meantime, the indignation of the Belarusian border guards spread on the Internet: they complain, they say, that the Ukrainians allegedly threaten them with gestures.

Not for provocations, because they are constantly training in the defense of their country, our military say instead. 

SBU, police, and rescuers are honing their skills on the city streets.

So how special forces quickly detain subversive groups and release conditional hostages, civilians are watching.

Not far away, the mobile fire groups of the Teroboron are already honing their skill in defeating the enemy.

Various defense methods are being improved, because the nature of a probable attack can depend on a lot of factors, even the weather.

Teroboron is mostly local and they know the territory along the border well from childhood.

"They can clearly go to the border covertly and inflict damage", - assures the commander of the brigade, Oleksand Tsis. 

While our military prepares every day for a possible encounter with the enemy, joint aviation exercises with Russia have been announced in Belarus since January 16, and planes have even arrived.

However, the situation at the border is under control, the Armed Forces say.

"They usually spend their training trying to show their aggressiveness.

This is their demonstration and psychological influence, but we are able to distinguish their efforts from real actions", - assures the commander of the combined forces of the Armed Forces Serhiy Naev. 

Pushing from Belarus to Ukraine is suicide, say our military.

The forces and means for the offensive are not enough, according to our intelligence, as well as Polish and American colleagues.

Even nature is on our side.

"There are overflowing rivers, which are in favor of strengthening the defense, due to the thaw there was such an opportunity, we increased the number of mine-explosive barriers by several tens of thousands," Nayev adds.

At the same time, a video in which Belarusian border guards complain that Ukrainians are allegedly committing provocations and threatening gestures is gaining hundreds of thousands of views on social networks.

But the Ukrainian military only emphasizes, defends its own, and warns the Belarusians that there is no need to go to Ukraine.

Neighbors are advised to protect their lives and not even try to cross the border. 

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