Serhii Molodtsov, a mercenary

of the "Wagner"

PMK, who beat his own mother to death, was buried with honors in the Russian Urals .

He went to prison for murder.

Already in the colony, he signed a contract and went to fight in the war in Ukraine in the ranks of the Wagnerites.

This is reported by Russian Telegram channels and ZMP. 

It is noted that Molodtsov lived in the city of Serov, Sverdlovsk region.

In 1995, he managed to fight in Chechnya.

In March 2017, he ended up in prison.

The court verdict states that the Russian man lived with his roommate at his elderly mother's home and took care of her.

The man liked to drink.

One evening, when he got drunk, he beat his mother to death.

It is noted that he inflicted at least six blows on her head, torso and limbs with his hands and feet.

He broke her jaw, shoulder, smashed her face and head.

The pensioner died as a result of the injury.

However, Molodtsov did not admit his guilt, but assured the court that the woman had fallen by herself.

By the way, the murders of the Russian woman's mother were already condemned for intentionally beating a person, which also led to his death.

Then he was sentenced to 9 years in prison.

Vtis, released on parole.

For the murder of his own mother, he received 11.5 years of strict regime prison.

However, thanks to businessman Yevhen Prigozhin, he served only about five years.

Photo: ChTD Telegram channel.

The Russian publication writes that 46-year-old Serhiy Molodtsov, who was killed in Ukraine, was buried with military honors on January 5.

The mercenary's coffin was carried by soldiers.

Veterans, officials and public figures who thanked the occupier "for courage and heroism" spoke at the farewell.

"He was a creative person, engaged in bone carving, worked in a jewelry workshop. He loved music, freedom, speed. Relatives remember Serhiy as a surprisingly extraordinary person who loved life. He helped the weak and the needy. Bright memory," he said on at the funeral of a mercenary, a representative of the local government.

We will remind, in the Yaroslavl region of the Russian Federation, on January 8,

Yevgeny Losev, a 23-year-old convict

recruited to the "Wagner" PMC, was buried .

The mother of the deceased occupier and local residents were outraged by the lack of military honors at the funeral.

Even the employees of the Military Commissariat did not come to say goodbye to the prisoner.

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