The magistrates of the District Court in Plovdiv have postponed the injunctive hearing in the case against Krasimira Laleva, who smashed her boyfriend's head with a dumbbell in her apartment in the Kyuchuk Paris district, "Maritsa" reported. 

The cause of the false start turned out to be a missing victim - the victim's stepfather Bojan.

According to the magistrates, he should be summoned and, if he wishes, engage his defense counsel.

A second attempt to hold the dispositional hearing in the case will be made on January 30 at 2 p.m.

After the short hearing, Krasimira was again returned to the Sliven prison.  

We remind you that the 36-year-old woman from Plovdiv and the 28-year-old Bojan were friends.

For a certain period, the young man moved to live in her apartment, and then she in his apartment.

A few months later, the two broke up.

After that they continued to meet again.

Krasimira also lived in a monastery for a short time.

When she got home, she resumed her meetings with Bojan. 

The girlfriend of the man who was shot in Plovdiv ran out of the apartment in shock

On October 20, 2021, the two met at Krasimira's home on Treti Mart Street.

Bojan said he didn't feel well, but she didn't believe him.

She thought he was going to see another woman.

He went home, and she didn't stop calling him on the phone.

The next day, Bojan went to her apartment again. She asked them to go out.

The young man refused because he did not feel well, but Krasimira again did not believe him.

She took a metal dumbbell from the terrace and used it to strike him several times on the head.

Bojan died from severe brain trauma, according to the conclusion of the forensic medical examination. 

The Plovdiv woman tried to erase the traces of the crime, but after neighbors started ringing the doorbell of the apartment, she gave up.

She later told a witness about what happened.