In an interview ,

Daria Domracheva

did not support one of the sides of the conflict, noting that she dreams of "peace on earth."

She believes that Belarusian and Russian athletes are unfairly excluded from participating in international competitions.

"I, like many, am confused by the fact that real military actions are being conducted these days, but, as before, I believe that the suspension of athletes from the races does not affect the resolution of the conflict in any positive way.

Today, sport has been dragged into politics," said Domrachava in an interview with the National Olympic Committee of Belarus magazine.

Domracheva believes that sport is possible without politics.

"Sport is wonderful.

Politics, in my opinion, not so much.

I am sure that many athletes are already tired of this topic around them.

Sport should unite, not the other way around."

Domracheva voiced a similar position last year in March.

Among other things, Domracheva said that she now lives in Monaco.

Her daughter Ksenia went to school there.

The ex-biathlete speaks to her daughter in Russian, and her husband, also a famous biathlete champion in the past,


Björndalen, speaks Norwegian.

Spouses speak English among themselves.

The last time the family was in Belarus was last fall.

Speaking about her activities, Domracheva emphasized that she ended her career "at the most convenient moment".

At the Olympic Games in Beijing-2022, unlike the two previous main starts of the quadrennial, the Belarusian national team was left without gold awards.

The women's part of the team, where Domrachova was the leader at the previous Olympics, did not find a replacement for her in Beijing - not a single medal.

However, Domracheva evaluated the first Olympics without her participation without unnecessary criticism.

"In my opinion, it was not the easiest Olympics for our athletes.

In order to draw conclusions and assign marks, one needs to have sufficient information about training and internal situations.

I can only judge from the side.

Anton Smolsky's silver is definitely a success!

It seems to me that the girls did not quite manage to cope with their emotions, we saw that it was not enough."

After the events of summer-autumn 2020, athletes signed a letter in support of Lukashenka.

The only member of the national team who refused to sign the letter was

Anna Solo


At that time, neither Domrachava nor her most successful partner, Olympic champion and medalist Nadezhda

Skardina, were in the national team


Both finished their careers in 2018.

At the same time, in 2020, Skardina signed a letter condemning the violence of security forces and calling for new elections.