DPP legislator Wang Dingyu.

(Provided by Wang Dingyu's office)

[Reporter Xie Junlin/Taipei Report] It is rumored that Premier Su Zhenchang will submit his resignation today (11th). The candidate for the cabinet has been locked in former Vice President Chen Jianren, and the deputy cabinet will be taken over by former Taoyuan Mayor Zheng Wencan.

President Tsai Ing-wen had a weekly meeting with Su Kui this morning. The President expressed his affirmation and gratitude to the team led by Su Kui. The next stage of cabinet adjustment will be discussed after the end of the Legislative Yuan session.

In this regard, DPP legislator Wang Dingyu praised Su Zhenchang as the executive president with the highest satisfaction in the past 20 years, and emphasized that random discussions without confirmation or announcement are not good for the parties, the country and the people, and may also affect the current legislative affairs of the Legislative Yuan. Review of the General Budget.

Wang Dingyu said that since President Su Zhenchang took office in January 2019 after the defeat of the DPP at the end of 2018, his performance in the economy, social welfare, long-term care, children, youth, etc. has been remarkable. He has made great contributions and can be said to be the executive dean with the highest satisfaction in the past 20 years.

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As for whether the Premier will change personnel, Wang Dingyu believes that, on the one hand, the reorganization of the cabinet is a major national event, which will greatly affect the people. It is not good for the parties concerned, the country, and the people if it is discussed at will without confirmation or announcement; Will reshuffle this matter, we respect the presidency.

On the other hand, Wang Dingyu also mentioned that the Legislative Yuan is now reviewing the general budget. Before the review of the general budget is completed, any rumors or discussions on cabinet reshuffle may cause the opposition party to use this reason to withdraw or not review it; There is a problem with the review process, which has a great impact on the country and the people.

Wang Dingyu pointed out that there are many discussions among all parties whether to review the cabinet personnel, whether it is a phased task or an election failure, and we will make relevant comments after the government announces it.

However, DPP legislator Xu Zhijie has a different view.

He said that Chen Chien-jen's social image is good, and he has enough height and structure. Zheng Wencan's outstanding performance during his tenure as mayor of Taoyuan was praised by both blue and green. "Chen Zhengpei" is true, and I believe they can achieve great results together, so that the headwind DPP can regain the recognition of the people.

Xu Zhijie analyzed that Chen Jianren was born as a scholar with a good social image. In the past, he served as the convener of many reforms.

Xu Zhijie said that Zheng Wencan has rich administrative experience, and has performed brilliantly in the positions of mayor of Taoyuan and director of the news bureau. Very strong, just looking at the water shortage problem in Taoyuan this time, Taoyuan Mayor Zhang Shanzheng pushed it to the central government, but Zheng Wencan was able to solve it smoothly in the past, you can see how much difference the two people have in ability.

Xu Zhijie believes that Chen Jianren and Zheng Wencan are highly complementary and can handle more comprehensive issues. He looks forward to having such a cabinet team in the future and can create a new situation in 2023.