Military expert Serhii Grabskyy explains that Ukraine has not yet received the American F-15 and


fighter jets or the French Mirage 2000 because it is necessary to deploy a repair and industrial base for them, as well as to train not only pilots, but also technical staff. 

He told the newspaper "Telegraph" about this.

He recalled that Ukraine had already faced serious logistical problems when German PzH 2000 howitzers had to be sent abroad for repair.

"The example of supplying us with modern types of artillery demonstrates what kind of logistical nightmare we can face. Despite uniform standards in NATO countries, the specifics of the same French fighters differ from American, British - from German, and so on," the expert explained.

American F-16 fighters

The F-16s were supposed to go to Poland

at the start of the Russian invasion

, and Warsaw was supposed to deliver its old Soviet planes to Ukraine, but this deal later fell apart and was never discussed again.

Previously, military expert Oleg

Zhdanov predicted that American F-15 or F-16 fighters

could appear in the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine already in winter.

However, the commander of the US Air Force in Europe and Africa, General James Hecker, noted that

Ukraine will be able to receive F-16 aircraft in two to three years

after the political decision on their supply is made.

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