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The condition of the woman who was injured in the serious accident near Vratsa last night remains serious but stable, BNT reported.

Her 3-year-old child died in the tragic accident.

Relatives of the victims gathered outside the emergency room and occupied one of the ambulances when they were told that the child had died.

Tensions escalated and they broke one of the emergency room's front door panes.

The intervention of the police was also necessary.

After the accident near Vratsa, in which a child died: There was tension in front of the Emergency Center

The car they were traveling in turns over on the road, probably due to excessive speed and wet pavement.

Four people were in the car, including the 3-year-old child.

They were transported to the hospital in two ambulances.

According to the relatives, the medics were able to save the child, and according to them, one of the doctors had consumed alcohol.