The Special Operations Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces showed a video of Ukrainian snipers destroying the invaders on the Bakhmut direction, which is one of the hottest spots on the front. 

The unique footage was published on the SSO Telegram page.

"As you know, the enemy near Bakhmut is constantly trying to get closer to the positions of the soldiers of the Defense Forces and capture them. This happens both during the day and at night. However, SSO snipers destroy the enemy with accurate fire, which is not helped by the darkness or attempts to hide," the video is signed.

What is happening under Bakhmut

According to official data of the Armed Forces, the Bakhmut direction remains the hottest section of the front, where the fiercest battles are taking place.

The Russian military concentrated its combat-ready units there as much as possible, including the most prepared groups of "Wagnerians".

Meanwhile, military expert Roman Svitan noted that during the "Christmas truce" the Russian invaders regrouped the troops, withdrew the "Wagner" fighters from near Bakhmut and transferred almost the entire company to Soledar.

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