Executive Premier Su Zhenchang presided over the Security Council Report yesterday.

(Provided by the Executive Yuan)

[Reporter Zhong Lihua/Taipei Report] Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Hong Shenhan and Lianjiang County Party Committee Chairman Li Wen recently questioned that from September to November last year, ships departed from Matsu several times carrying about 60 metric tons of live Australian lobsters to Near the waters of Gaodeng Island, it was smuggled to Chinese ships, and it was questioned that the Lianjiang County Government was involved in covering up.

Executive Premier Su Zhenchang pointed out in the Security Council Report yesterday that the New Year is approaching, and the Coast Guard should cooperate with the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Justice to actively prevent illegal smuggling and smuggling.

Su Kui presided over the "6th Public Safety Conference in 2011" yesterday. The Government Council issued a press release last night stating that Su Kui's conference instructs the Ministry of Communications to continue to improve road traffic safety and reduce the number of casualties in traffic accidents. Front-line hard-working personnel regularly replace and update vehicles and equipment.

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Regarding the lobster smuggling case passed down by Ma Zu, Su Kui said in the meeting that the matter may involve illegal smuggling. Although the Lianjiang District Prosecutor's Office has divided the investigation into the case, relevant ministries and committees should be more vigilant against such abnormal situations to prevent them from happening. Especially as the new year is approaching, the Coast Guard should cooperate with the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Justice to actively prevent illegal smuggling and smuggling.

In addition, Su Kui also presided over the "32nd Meeting of the Executive Yuan Drug Control Report" yesterday.

He said that the 7th wave of Anju anti-drug project, with the joint efforts of all units, not only made great achievements in drug detection, but also uncovered the largest marijuana container smuggling case in history, and also cracked the largest marijuana cultivation case in history, and even disrupted large-scale drug transactions The platform is quite simple.

As for the anti-fraud part, Su Kui said that under the command of Zheng Ziwei, the prosecutor of the Qiaotou District Prosecutor's Office, he also successfully cracked the first "third-party payment company suspected of money laundering case" in Taiwan.

Su Kui also reminded that in response to the progress of the times, drug prevention propaganda should keep pace with the times. Relevant ministries and committees are invited to study and analyze the age group, habits, preferences and channels of receiving information of the target audience, so as to make it clear, easy to remember, It is easy to carry out publicity by means of oral translation and other methods to achieve the effect of anti-drug publicity.