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In the Stara Zagora region, the road situation is calm, reported Peño Penev, operator on duty in the Stara Zagora Regional Road Administration (OPU- Stara Zagora), BTA informed. 

He added that it is snowing on the Shipka pass, the road surface is covered with snow and treated, visibility is limited to 40 meters, and the temperature is minus three degrees.

At the Hainboaz pass it is also snowing and the road surface is wet and the temperature is zero degrees.

There are road sections in the municipalities of Shipka, Pavel Banya, Muglizh, Yagoda and Gurkovo that are iced and treated.

In the sections of the "Trakia" and "Maritsa" highways in the Stara Zagora region, temperatures are from plus five to plus seven degrees and it is raining lightly.

The road situation is under control and the situation is monitored by teams of the Traffic Police and the Regional Road Administration.

A total of six machines processed the road arteries in the district for the past night.

There are no reports of stalled cars or traffic jams.

OPU-Stara Zagora urges drivers to be prepared for winter conditions and to drive with suitable tires.


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