The Indonesian female nurse "Dati" was transferred to the prosecution for investigation.

(Photographed by reporter Qiu Junfu)

[Reporter Qiu Junfu/Taipei Report] Indonesian female nurse "Dati" fell in love with a handsome guy who claimed to be an American war doctor when she made friends online 3 years ago. The drivers who withdraw money and face-to-face with the victim have been deceived by 10 women until last year, and the property loss exceeded 4 million yuan. According to reports, the International Division of the Criminal Bureau followed the line and arrested her.

According to the police investigation, the 53-year-old "Dati" came to Taiwan as a live-in caregiver for 10 years. She claimed that she made friends online through the Internet for 109 years. She fell in love with a man who claimed to be an American war doctor after being struck up by a handsome PO photo. Assist as a driver.

During this period, "Dati" was targeted and arrested by the police 7 times for this reason, and he was unaware of all of them when he arrived at the case. The prosecution did not prosecute him.

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However, the investigation by the International Division of the Criminal Bureau found that 10 female victims were deceived by the international Nigerian 419 fake love fraud group. Instructed to go to a BTM in Zhongzheng District, Beishi City to buy bitcoins and transfer them to an encrypted wallet, which was registered as owned by a Nigerian white man named LUCKY.

Among the victims, a middle-aged housewife was defrauded of 2.6 million yuan the most, and was informed by her husband because of the report, and she committed suicide once and was rescued.

The police showed LUCKY’s photos to “Dati” for review. She was surprised that she was different from the American man who was a field doctor she loved. For the difference, the research and judgment should be the remuneration received, and the initial estimate is about 20,000 to 300,000 yuan.

The police went to Neihu District of Beishi City to arrest her and transferred her to the prosecution for investigation on charges of fraud and money laundering. After the prosecution resumed interrogation, she was invited back.