Former MP Wu Minji (pictured), who lost four consecutive elections, filed a lawsuit against three candidates in the same constituency for invalid election.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Ruizhen)

[Reporter Zhang Ruizhen / Taichung Report] Wu Minji (Democratic Progressive Party), a former member of the Taichung City Councilor who lost the election for the "four consecutive hegemony" in the first electoral district, held a press conference at the Taichung District Court today (11th). He accused the election of bad style, The three people elected in this constituency are all involved in bribery. The prosecutor is investigating. He has filed a lawsuit against the elected Li Wenjie (KMT), Shi Zhichang (DPP) and Yang Qibang (KMT) in the Civil Court of the Taichung District Court for invalid election. "3 All elected candidates were prosecuted, creating the darkest record in Taiwan's electoral history."

In this regard, Shi Zhichang accused Wu Minji of "indiscriminately suing". If he bribed the election, he would resign as a member of the council. If Wu "indiscriminately sued", Wu Minji was asked to publicly apologize in front of Zhenlan Palace Square. The other two councilors have not yet responded.

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In this year's parliamentary election, three candidates from the first constituency (Dajia District, Da'an District, and Waipu District) were elected, namely Yang Qibang with 19,654 votes, Shi Zhichang with 18,367 votes, and Li Wenjie with 15,214 votes. Wu Minji, who had the most votes in the constituency, became the loser with 12,144 votes. He questioned that all three of them were involved in election bribery. At the end of last year, he filed a lawsuit against the three of them for invalid election. He even held a press conference at the Taichung District Court today, but he He also emphasized that because the prosecution is investigating, it is inconvenient for him to say more details.

Wu Minji pointed out that the electoral style of the first constituency is bad. In the past three councilors, two councilors were elected invalid (referring to former KMT councilor Yang Yongchang and former councilor Lin Suzhen without the party). All those involved were prosecuted, creating the darkest record in Taiwan’s election history.” When he was calling for votes, voters continued to provide him with information about bribery. invalidity complaint.

Wu Minji pointed out that the voters told him the suspected methods of bribery, including the entrustment of neighbors and former neighbors to distribute leaflets and masks, and they can receive 4,000 yuan in one or two hours. In the past, it was 500 yuan a vote to bribe the election, but this election was as high as 1,500 yuan per vote. Three people from one household participated in the election campaign. "The three elected candidates were all involved in bribery, creating a record in Taiwan's election history The worst and darkest record."

To this, Yang Qibang and Li Wenjie did not respond yet, while DPP member Shi Zhichang responded that Wu Minji was "indiscriminately suing". He stated that his re-election was "the achievements I have made in the past four years and the voters' complaints, which are obvious to all." , Wu Minji’s defeat in the election should not be slandered by his innocence in politics and his efforts for the people. If he is investigated for bribery, he will immediately resign from his position as a member.

Wu Minji emphasized, "All three elected candidates were sued, creating the darkest record in Taiwan's election history."

(Photo by reporter Zhang Ruizhen)