Former Vice President Chen Jianren.

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[Reporters Chen Yun, Zhong Lihua/Taipei Report] The DPP suffered a disastrous defeat in the 9-in-1 election, and the cabinet reshuffle continued. The Presidential Palace said yesterday that President Tsai Ing-wen affirmed and thanked the team led by Premier Su Zhenchang. The next stage of cabinet adjustment will be in the Discussion after the end of the Legislative Yuan session.

The party estimates that Su Kui is likely to lead the cabinet to resign after the Legislative Yuan passes the general budget on Friday. The new cabinet is expected to be announced after the DPP chairman by-election on the 15th. Former Vice President Chen Jianren and former Taoyuan Mayor Zheng Wencan has the highest probability of forming a cabinet with his partner.

The new cabinet may be released after the party chairman's by-election on the 15th

The personnel layout of the cabinet reshuffle has not yet been officially launched, and the relevant people are generally silent. Chen Jianren emphasized in an interview with our reporter yesterday that the last time he met with President Tsai was at the end of November last year. I haven't met or talked with President Tsai recently.

What he loves most is research, not politics. He is a scholar, not a politician, so there is no need to talk about his willingness to succeed the cabinet.

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Presidential Office Spokesperson Zhang Dunhan explained that President Tsai and Su Kui had a weekly meeting yesterday. After reviewing and reorganizing various policies after the election, they believed that necessary and corresponding adjustments should be made to follow-up relevant measures in order to respond to the expectations of the people. President Tsai Express affirmation and thanks to the administrative team led by Dean Su.

Zhang Dunhan said that the top priority at this stage is to ensure that the central government's general budget for this year can be successfully reviewed and passed, so that various state affairs can be smoothly promoted.

He emphasized that the cabinet adjustment in the next stage will be discussed after the end of the Legislative Yuan session, and if there is a final decision, it will be reported to all walks of life.

According to information, Su Kui is open about whether to continue in office. As the voices inside and outside the party demanded to step down, Su recently invited officials of some ministries to banquets and released videos of his achievements.

According to the internal assessment of the party, after the general budget is passed on Friday, it will be the time for Su Kui to lead the cabinet to resign. However, some democratic representatives in the party have recently begun to complain for Su Su, arguing that Su's cabinet should be adjusted, but should not resign.

As for the new cabinet, people familiar with the matter said that the current direction is for Chen Jianren to take over the cabinet and Zheng Wencan to take over as the deputy cabinet. After the by-election is completed on the 15th, it will be more appropriate to announce the new personnel, so next week will be a more likely time for announcement.

According to reports, Zheng Wencan had dinner yesterday afternoon with the former head of the Taoyuan City Government Bureau. During the meeting, he was constantly concerned about whether he would join the cabinet or not. Zheng did not disclose his movements from beginning to end, emphasizing that this is the presidency. However, he was concerned about the follow-up career of the outgoing chief At that time, it was mentioned that "willing to help if there is an opportunity in the future", and it was agreed to meet again next Tuesday. The participants interpreted that the cabinet reshuffle will have results before then, and Zheng Wencan is very likely to take over as the deputy cabinet.