• Do not pick up - There is a complaint coming from the garbage in the alley at Ban Non Muang, Moo 12, Sila Subdistrict, Mueang Khon Kaen District.

    Usually collected once a week

    It's been almost a month, the garbage bags are still in the same place.

    there is more

    the smell begins to swell

    Villagers leave to

    Sila Municipality

    Don't focus on keeping only the main road.

    Please come to collect it on time. Leave it for a long time, the garbage will flood the alley...

  • Objection - Villagers in Non Thai District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province objected to the construction of a power plant from waste by the Muang Khong Subdistrict Administrative Organization and a private company that had a construction plan to receive waste from 128 localities. Has a resolution not accepting the principle of requesting to use the area

    But there is still an attempt to have a construction.

  • Where is the money?

    - AIDS patients from Sanam Chai Subdistrict, Suphan Buri District, complained. They used to ask for a job fund for AIDS patients at 5,000 baht from the Ministry of Social Development, but they were silent.

    Damrongdhama Center

    The information indicates that it has been received 3 times even though I have never received a baht. Surprisingly, I haven't asked for it 1 time, then 2 more times, who asked for it?

    And where is the money? I want the Immigration Office to check...

  • Too heavy - Villagers complained about the overweight of the truck causing damage to the Ongkharak Road, Klong 14, Sai Klang District, Nakhon Nayok Province, and also causing the fence to crack. They told me that during the day, the truck was normally loaded, but at night, the car would cover the soil at full speed and run. Followed by 20-30 cars. The relevant agencies help to go to the area to check. Like this, the road is completely broken...

  • Repaired - Damrongdhama Center, Prachinburi Province clarified in case of people complaining, Road 304 in front of Khun Sriwichai Market to Kabinburi District Office, Prachinburi Province is damaged with a deep hole, frequent accidents, Prachinburi Highway District has inspected and repaired the road surface Damaged to travel safely, working swiftly, must applaud loudly...


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