US State Department adviser Derek Scholl will visit the Republic of North Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia from January 11 to 13, reported MIA, quoted by BTA.

The purpose of the visit, as specified by the State Department, is to emphasize the continued commitment of the United States to peace, stability and prosperity in the Western Balkans.

On January 11, Chole will be in Skopje.

He is expected to meet government officials and discuss a range of issues, including energy, the economy and the fight against corruption.

From Skopje, Shole traveled to Pristina for meetings with government representatives, political leaders and representatives of civil society.

The talks will focus on US efforts to help advance Kosovo and Euro-Atlantic integration, including through the EU-facilitated dialogue to reach a comprehensive agreement on the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia based on mutual recognition.

On January 12, Chole will be in Belgrade, where he will discuss energy security, regional economic integration and progress towards Serbia's goal of joining the EU with the leadership of the Serbian government.

He will also discuss Serbia's role in strengthening regional peace and security, as well as Belgrade's participation in the dialogue to normalize relations with Kosovo.

In December, Cholet postponed at the last minute a planned tour of the Western Balkans because he tested positive for the coronavirus.

The tour included Kosovo, Serbia, the Republic of North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia and was due to end with a visit to Brussels.