The Russian occupiers have turned the

Zaporizhzhya NPP

into a military and repair base, and are also trying to appoint an "operating organization" to it.  

Oleg Korikov, acting head of the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspection of Ukraine, told about this at a briefing in the Media Center.

"As of today, the ZNPP has effectively turned from a producer of electricity into a consumer. This is all due to the occupation of the ZNPP by racist invaders. All 6 power units are in a stopped state. But the Zaporizhzhya NPP receives electricity from the energy system of Ukraine. Electricity is needed for the safety systems to work, in including those that provide residual heat removal from nuclear fuel," he noted.

The head of the State Nuclear Regulatory Commission also said that the Russians actually turned the Zaporizhzhya NPP into a military and repair base where equipment is repaired.

There are also illegal attempts to appoint a fake operating organization for the ZNPP, which is not recognized by any country.

The Russians continue their attempts to connect the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant to the Russian energy system.

"Is it possible to connect the Zaporizhia NPP to the Russian power system? We have already seen these attempts, they were unsuccessful and ended in nothing. Therefore, we are convinced that all further attempts by the occupiers to actually steal the Zaporizhia NPP and the electricity it can produce will also lead to nothing. In addition, international organizations - the IAEA and the UN - have repeatedly stated in their resolutions that the Zaporizhzhya NPP is Ukrainian property, and the electricity it produces and can produce is also Ukrainian," Korikov summarized.

The situation at the ZANP

The IAEA stated that the

backup power supply to the ZNPP was restored

after the completion of the repair of the 330 kV line, which was disconnected due to shelling.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced that there are now about 500 armed Russian occupiers

on the territory of the Zaporizhia NPP .

The occupiers also forced about three thousand workers of the temporarily seized Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant

to obtain Russian passports.

It is also known that the first deputy head of the administration of the President of the Russian Federation Serhiy

Kiriyenko came to the captured Zaporizhzhya NPP


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