TV channel "Rain" received a broadcasting license in the Netherlands.

Its editor-in-chief Tikhan


informed about this in an interview with the Telegram channel of the former journalist of the Echo of Moscow radio station

Alexander Plyushchav


Dziadko refused further comments.

Relevant information also appeared on the website of the local regulator on December 22.

According to the report of the commission, "Dozhd" applied for a license on December 6.

The website of the regulator also informs that TVR Studios BV received permission to broadcast under the brand name "Rain".

As noted by Latvian Radio, the license obtained in the Netherlands can allow "Dozhd" to distribute its programs on cable television networks in all EU countries, including Latvia.

Last year, a scandal broke out in Latvia over "Dozhd", when its host called on the air on December 1 to help Russian soldiers improve their conditions during the war.

The TV channel fired the presenter, but did not apologize for his words.

The authorities issued a warning to the channel, which was not the first - previously "Dozhd" showed on the air a map with the Crimea included in Russia, and also used the phrase "our army" in relation to the Russian occupation forces in Ukraine.

On December 8, the authorities of Latvia and Estonia stopped broadcasting the TV channel in their states.

The channel

's host, Aleksei Korastyalev, was included

in the "black list" of citizens who are prohibited from entering the country.

The Directorate of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (PMLP) of Latvia has decided to keep the visas of employees of the TV channel "Rain".